BKP0745_Painted Sandgrouse (Pterocles Indicus)

BKP0745_Painted Sandgrouse (Pterocles Indicus)

The Painted Sandgrouse (Pterocles Indicus) is a medium large bird in the sandgrouse family found in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

This beautifully-patterned bird looks like a cross between a dove and a pheasant.

The Painted Sandgrouse is a plump ground-dwelling bird with a small head and short legs.

It is a terrestrial bird usually seen in pairs. The sexes are differently coloured.

In the male, the bill is orange and there is a black bar across the white forehead, fine black longitudinal lines on the nape and a white patch of bare skin surrounding the eye. There is a broad black and white band around the chest. The breast and belly are a uniform pinkish-brown colour and the back, wings and tail are brown, boldly marked in black and white transverse bars.

The female is duller in appearance being a greyish brown colour, barred and speckled with darker brown and white.

It is found in areas of low rainfall on sandy and gravelly plains with tussocky grass and rough vegetation.

Flocks to water after dusk, often giving bubbling clicks while doing so.

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