Big Bang "Love Song"

Big Bang “Love Song”

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This week we review Big Bang’s “Love Song” for Kpop Music Mondays and try to figure out the dream within the dream within the dream. This is a dream sequence, isn’t it? If not, then we have no clue what’s happening. It’s a pretty video, though!

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Big Bang’s Love Song –
Rain’s Love Song –

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48 thoughts on “Big Bang “Love Song””

  1. What? suprised that eatyourkimchi did not get the meaning of the video. THE video really does have a CHOCK FULL OF SYMBOLISM. it is somewhat the sequel for the my heaven music video of bigbang. The guy is mourning over the Death of his lover on the car crash, the reason why there is an explosion of a car in the end.

  2. They actually explained the meaning of the song and video in one of their BTS video, its the exploding car and the smokey fired up scene was actually the crime scene where the girlfriend died which was by the car accident

  3. for someone who does not know why Martina afraid of the glass of water is because the last time they preview GD&TOP KnockOut…………………
    Martina was fangirling for about I don't know maybe 5 minutes so Simon don't have a choice and splash Matina with a glass of water………………….

  4. oh my gosh, the bit with you guys singing the Inception main theme was HILARIOUS XD

    and the bit with the fangirls just drove me into a mad fit of laughter. 

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