BFFs Buy Each Other LINGERIE?!

BFFs Buy Each Other LINGERIE?!

Bras, panties, and nipple covers OH MY! We are back at it again, buying each other Lingerie from Shein!! Next, watch us rank Liza Koshy’s Fablectis Outfits!! ►► Subscribe Here for more Clevver Style!  ►►

What We Wore!
Floral Lace Underwire Lingerie Set –
Fuzzy Nipple Covers –
Tartan Bra & Ruffle Mini Skirt & Thong –
Gradient Sheer Lingerie Set with Thong –
Floral Embroidered Sheer Teddy Bodysuit –

Glitter Garter Lingerie Set –
Rhinestone Hollow Out Fishnet Socks –
Mesh Skirt and Choker Metallic Costume Set –
Floral Lace Scalloped Bodysuit & Mesh Skirt –
Sheer Lingerie Set with Floral Lace Belted Robe –

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Bestfriends dress each other in Shein Lingerie for #valentinesday!

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49 thoughts on “BFFs Buy Each Other LINGERIE?!”

  1. Okey…. I litterly hate the way they wear like masks under… as if the female body is something U SHOULD NOT SHOW UP😔 Liiiike why even make the video? We cant even see what the clothes looks like, you have a fucking overall under🤦‍♀️😑

  2. I love love love how confidant Drew is with her body and being able to pull off all this but i also love love love loryns body(suit) and how even if she's not super comfortable showing a ton of skin she still participates in her own way!!

  3. i have the exact same wildcard see-through bodysuit loryn wore, and istg ITS THE WORST. the tits dont fit me AT ALL and the waist is tight and the crotch doesnt fit its a mess lmao

  4. I want to see how they look without the extra stuff just the lingerie 😩😂😂and whyyyy does she always wear the nude bodysuit is she trying to be modest or is she really self conscious what’s the deal I hate it lol

  5. I love these women!! I just wished this chanel stopped promoting (even if not intentional or direct) horrible fast fashion brands… 😔 SHEIN is know for their horrid labor conditions, workers should have the right to a living wage, collective bargaining, an abuse-free work environment which this company does not provide. On top of that, brands like SHEIN that mass-produce such cheap, poorly-made clothing perpetuating a throwaway fashion culture simply by existing. And even more!!! No stranger to controversy, in 2020 the brand was accused of selling offensive items, from Islamic prayer rugs as decorative mats to a necklace in the shape of a swastika. SHEIN has also been accused of stealing designs from small independent labels and printing out low-quality copies for a fraction of the price!!!

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