BETTER CALL SAUL Season 6 Episode 13 Breakdown, Breaking Bad Easter Eggs & Ending Explained

BETTER CALL SAUL Season 6 Episode 13 Breakdown, Breaking Bad Easter Eggs & Ending Explained

BETTER CALL SAUL Season 6 Episode 13 Breakdown, Breaking Bad Easter Eggs & Ending Explained. We review, recap and explain the final episode of Better Call Saul and discuss all the easter eggs and callbacks in it.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul and unfortunately saul goodman things must come to an end as not only is Better Call Saul now over but the crap puns on the show are too. Throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking it all down, going through what happens and also the easter eggs in it.

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Now last week saw Marion discovering the truth about Gene through finding Saul’s old commercials. Even though she ended up calling the police she still probably liked and subscribed and this led to Jimmy going on the run once more. The preview had us focusing on his ditched car from earlier in the series and over the top of this we could hear him desperately trying to get himself a new identity.

Now they sort of spliced two scenes together for that with the hoover call almost being a sort of What If that we never actually see out. However the car is there which is very important to how we open things up.

Though Gene gets caught a lot faster than we thought, this idea of identity is very important to bear in mind as we finally see Jimmy rest on one and for once he does the right thing.

The colour also gave a clue to what time period we’d be in and this is actually where we begin everything.

Now we open with a flashback to Season Bagman and catch Mike and Jimmy in the desert. This was one of the standout episodes in the series and this entry very much feels like a time machine trip with us getting several cameos such as Mike, Marie, Walt, Bill Oakley, Chuck and a couple of big characters.

Time machines are a major talking point of the entry and we see Jimmy talking about them with Mike and Walt before he picks up the book by HG Wells when he’s with Chuck. This opening is a great way to start us off and after finding a water tank both Jimmy and Mike discuss regrets, the future and it’s basically just an introspective look at the characters. I love how Jimmys water has a suspiciously yellow liquid in it and it shows how desperate that he is. These time machine conversations that appear throughout all take place at pivotal points in his life and they’re very much intersections in which we see how his regrets change.

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47 thoughts on “BETTER CALL SAUL Season 6 Episode 13 Breakdown, Breaking Bad Easter Eggs & Ending Explained”

  1. I actually thought while watching that Saul changed his story in court not only to Help Kim but to extend his prison life so far as to not get out because he finally realized what a sleaze ball he really is and was always this way and couldn’t change. So, take himself away from the public as to not hurt anyone else.

  2. Actually, the prosecutor never having lost a case is a tell. Not what a great lawyer the prosecutor is. It means, he pleads out the tough cases rather than go to trial. Then Saul puts his cards on the table.

  3. The ending of this show was f'ing ridiculous. The only way to redeem this is if there's a movie where SAUL breaks out of prison and spends his life in a tropical paradise where he can't be extrididited. Which is where he would have been instead of Cinnabon.

  4. I have no words to express my feelings, for one part I feel sad because we will not see anything from BB/BCS universe anymore. This ending was bittersweet for me, kinda wanted that saul got the 7 years, but he chose to save Kim, after all this time he still cares for her.
    This show its absolutely amazing and I think that we'll never see anything like Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul, definitely the best shows ever made.

  5. Amazing finale, but I really thought they'd have the color SLOWLY fade into the scene where he was confessing in court, showing that finally coming clean gave him his life back 👌🏽

    But it was still brilliant with the cigarette cherry they shared being the glimpse of hope for their future 👏👏👏

  6. It could be that the sentence negotiation scene was another manipulation. He planted the seed of gen pop in a scummy prison because that's where a lot of his ex-clients are, so he would have a good reputation and likely an easier time. The bus scene lends itself to that too. The negotiation could be seen as a flex, showing that he could have gotten a relatively tiny sentence when he never really intended to get that. He chose to accept responsibility and made sure Kim would be there to see him do it.

  7. I don't think Kim is going to end up completely off the hook or finding her perfect life. She's very, very obviously dissatisfied with a 'normal' suburban life and even though she knows the risks of that dangeous lifestyle, she enjoys the excitement of it. She posed as a lawyer to get a private meeting with Jimmy despite having resigned from the bar, using her ID card that doesn't have an expiration date, so she clearly isn't completely repelled by breaking the law when it suits her. It's also extremely subtle, but in the last scene after Jimmy does his finger guns, Kim's hand down by her bag folds in two fingers and extends her thumb to make the gesture back before she leaves.
    I suspect there might be an El Camino style film eventually following Kim after the events of BCS because nothing about the finale suggests that she's going back to Florida permanently.

  8. Jimmy confessing how he helped Walt built his drug empire does not guarantee Kim not getting civil suit from Howard's widow. He did it to show Kim he has changed not that he can protect her. Kim told Jimmy to turn himself in and Jimmy responded you first. As she did, Jimmy had to show Kim that he's no longer Saul but he's Jimmy once again.

  9. I still don't get how his confession helped Kim? She wasn't in criminal trouble, Howard's widow was suing her in civil court. What did Jimmy's confession do to prevent that? Also, his 180 turn didn't sit right with me. That doesn't seem like something Saul Goodman would do.

  10. The only life I really wanted destroyed was, in fact, Kim’s. Kim, as we find out clearly was overly self-absorbed. It was Kim’s idea to go after Howard’s career. Then, after Jimmy stepped up to potentially save Kim’s life by talking Lalo into allowing Kim to leave the apartment instead of himself, Kim makes the decision to blindside Jimmy by leaving him. Kim was only looking out for herself. She knew her leaving Jimmy would destroy Jimmy. But she didn’t care. Yes, Jimmy is responsible for Jimmy, but Kim’s actions were the catalyst that fully transformed Jimmy into Saul. Perhaps I like Jimmy too much, but it’s Kim who I’d rather see behind bars for 86 years.

  11. For me personally, BCS has to be among the best shows, if not the best written shows of all time. It is on the same level as The Wire, Sopranos, True detective s1. Vince Gilligan and everyone connected to the BRBA universe have done an amazing job, and that too consistently.
    That walt scene where he tries to fix the pipe reminded me of The Fly episode of Breaking bad.

  12. Yes, I like to think it’s a little homage to The Godfather “all he had to do was show his face.” I really enjoyed it as an ending, hard watch but felt right. Still root for Slipping Jimmy though.

  13. Honestly I was expecting him to get away Scott free.when he get the 7 years I was disappointed but seemed reasonable. 86 years? No one wins. Tax payers lose, country loses,future clients he could help lose, Saul loses,kim loses. The whole "I'd rather rot in jail than be bad" is so corny.what made everyone like Saul is his amazing ability to get himself out of trouble.instead what we get is an ending with his amazing ability to screw himself intentionally in a good situation. Look, I get it. He did bad things, he profited ,he ran, he did more bad things again to get himself caught. But if someone doesn't learn from their mistakes there's no character arc. Saul learned he can't run from his past, he didn't learn to overcome it and become a better person.hes still a piece of shit,just slightly less with the confession and now trapped behind concrete . This feels like a "he's bad but he did a good thing" rather than "he's bad but even bad people can change". Such a dark message. "He has done irredeemable things but there's still time to do the right thing".

  14. I think like many I wasn't that excited to see a series based on the dodgy lawyer from Breaking Bad. He wasnt the strongest most interesting character for me and the cynic in me thought it was just cashing in on the good name of BB. I watched the first series sporadically, being far more interested in seeing the Mike and Gus back stories and how the lab came to be built. The Salamanas and intro of Lalo were also more interesting to me than Jimmy and Chuck. As the seasons progressed I started to really buy into the Jimmy/Kim characters and started to look forward to new episodes more and more…eventually by season six I could set my clock to when new episodes came out….I couldnt wait… I loved Nachos and Lalos story arc and the death of Howard was truly shocking. The Gene timeline was equally fascinating and the last two episodes were, in my opinion , some of the best TV I have ever seen….the court scene was unreal. The final two scenes with Kim and Jimmy were truly heart-breaking and above all totally logical….and although incredibly sad….satisfying. What a show!..what writing!…what acting !…what cinematography!……..BB and BCS, two all time masterpieces and man…I am REALLY going to miss them.

  15. I just finished the entire series and I immediately noticed the dumpster scene where he was finally cornered by the police, it's not just a callback to his 1st dumpster dive in Season 1, also the foreshadowing of his final act (E13) when in Season 6 (E1), his BB mansion was raided, note how his standee was dumped into the dumpster.

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