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Being Sexy, Hot and the Law of Attraction

We usually think of being attractive the same way we think of any other physical traits: either you’re hot or you’re not. But I like to approach attractiveness differently. I say attractiveness can be learned, harnessed and used for anything you want. And learning attractiveness follows a specific “curriculum” of life lessons – a curriculum that anyone can follow in order to succeed.

Attractiveness is more than just your looks. Attractiveness is more complicated and intriguing than just the pictures in a magazine. If you’ve heard of The Secret, you know attractiveness is also your ability to bring the right mate, or fortune or opportunity straight to your doorstep. Is it any wonder that Napoleon Hill calls his principles “The Law of Attraction?” Attraction equals Attractiveness.

I define your Hotness as your own personal level of attractiveness. Your Hotness is a level of proficiency in attraction. How good are you at being hot?

As you become more attractive, you move along through natural stages of development. These stages of development have key characteristics and milestones that separate them from other stages. And each stage requires a certain set of attitudes in order to move through it.

The 7 Stages of Hotness are only useful if you want to grow up to be hot and famous. If you don’t want that, then you can use the first three stages to become attractive to other singles or business partners. Celebrities like Oprah, Bono, Madonna, and David Letterman have all traversed these 7 Stages in a personal pursuit of fame and success.

The 7 Stages of Hotness are:

1. The Desperate Soul (Your Starting Point)
2. The Brave Soul (Gaining Courage)
3. The Uphill Chase (Learning to be Hot)
4. The Downhill Chase (Being Hot is Easy)
5. The Nouvelle Haute (You have officially Hot)
6. The Entourage (Protection from Fame)
7. The Big Celebrity (Using Fame to Help Others)

Each of the 7 Stages of Hotness have certain governing principles that change your approach to problem solving when you’re at that stage. Apply the skills you had in a previous stage to your current stage, and you won’t see the same results. In fact you’ll be frustrated and disappointed because you probably won’t see any progress at all. You have to follow the unique rules that govern the Stage of Hotness that you’re in if you want to move to the next level.

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Source by Mark E. Berry

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