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Being Intimate Too Soon in a Relationship – How to Undo This Dating Mistake

Being intimate too soon in a relationship is a mistake many women make. They meet a man who charms them straight away. They feel an instant magnetic attraction to him and once they spend a bit of time with him all their inhibitions seem to melt away. If this sounds like you and you’re now seriously regretting getting physical with him so soon, you need some solid advice. If he’s pulled back or you haven’t heard from him since the two of you had sex, you need to act quickly. If you don’t, you’re going to lose any chance with him and that one mistake will haunt you for a very long time.

The major drawback to being intimate too soon with a man is that he may jump to a pretty unflattering conclusion about you. He won’t even consider anything negative when he’s in hot pursuit of you. Then his mind is focused solely on one thing and that’s intimacy. You’re someone new to him, someone very appealing and someone he would love to know in a physical sense. Once that’s happened, the logical part of his brain kicks in and he starts making assumptions about you.

When you sleep with a man too soon in a relationship he immediately believes that you do that with all the men you date. If you two slept together on the first or second date he’ll sense that it’s something that you’re doing with every man you ever go on a first date with. You can see how detrimental that can be to your image in his eyes.

Trying to explain it away by saying that you never do anything like that will only make you both more uncomfortable. He doesn’t want to talk about it and if you keep going on about it, it’s only highlighting behavior that you need to put behind you.

The best approach to undo a mistake like this is to change the dynamic of the relationship. If you haven’t heard from him since you two slept together, you need to be the one to remedy that. Don’t call him up and apologize for what happened. Simply invite him out for coffee or lunch.

Keep the conversation light and fun. Don’t talk romance at all. Your goal is to show him that you’re multi dimensional and interesting outside of the bedroom. For the next couple of weeks ensure you only meet him for casual time together and don’t place yourself in the position where you’re in his company alone at the end of the evening.

With a little determined focus, you can help him see you in an all new light. Allow your personality to shine through so he can see the real you. This will help you both move forward on a new foundation.

Source by Gillian Reynolds

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