"Ayynoorum Ayynthum (500&5)" - Independent Tamil Feature Film - Official FULL Movie

“Ayynoorum Ayynthum (500&5)” – Independent Tamil Feature Film – Official FULL Movie

“Ayynoorum Ayynthum (500 & 5)” is a Tamil Feature film about the journey of a 500 Rupee note that travels through 5 different characters.

Penned & Orchestrated by Stanzin Raghu

Created by Maverick Dass, Earthling Koushalya, Ramesh and Stanzin Raghu under the Accessible Horizon Films creations.

Overall Synopsis
A 500 Rupee currency bill. 5 characters. Their trysts with it.

The 5 Individual Stories’ Synopses
Segment 1 – Adiyaalukku Podiyaal (The Goon’s Stooge)
Sudalai – A Goon’s stooge, superstitious Sudalai wants to become a Don. Will he realize his dream or will his misplaced sense of self get in the way of it???

Segment 2 – Mr.Adi? Director Adi?
Adi – Actually, ‘successful’ film-director Adi, who’s separated from his wife thanks to his philandering ways, is desperate to redeem himself and get her back. Will he be able to?

Segment 3 – Number Sollunga (Number Please)
Sundari – Spunky Sundari is in love and works at a phone recharge shop. All she wants is to safeguard the souvenir her boyfriend gives her. Will she hold on to it?

Segment 4 – Jenny’s Shadow
Jenny – Volatile, troubled Jenny lives in a world where she walks a fine line between psychedelic reality and nightmarish fantasy. Will she rise above it or get sucked into a self-destructive vortex of darkness?

Segment 5 – Agni Kunjondru Kandein… (I found a spark of fire)
The Radical – Nameless, avant-garde revolutionary. He ignites a moneyless rebellion with which he threatens to raze down the capitalistic juggernaut.

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27 thoughts on ““Ayynoorum Ayynthum (500&5)” – Independent Tamil Feature Film – Official FULL Movie”

  1. superb movie, excellent screen play, i feel that all the screen of theaters are unlucky to carry your film on it, entire team had great future… i found a good director for our country through this movie. my wishes to you all…

  2. மனிதன் படைத்த பொருளுக்கு விலை நிர்ணயம் ஆனால் மனிதனால் படைக்கப்படாத நிலம், நீர், காற்றுக்கு விலை நிர்ணயித்து கொள்ளையடிக்கும் இந்த உலகத்தில், தன்மானம் இழந்து நத்தி பிழைக்கும் இந்த மனிதர்கள் பணத்தை எப்படி விடுவார்கள்? திருடுறவன் பசிக்காக என்று கூறுவது இன்றைய உலகிற்கு ஏற்படையதல்ல. இது நடப்பது எப்போட்து?

  3. Romba romba Super

    Ella movie um nalla irunthuchi Last 4 movies ( 1:38:46 ) romba superb especially last movie WOW! Antha character, Antha dialogue ellamey ellamey super Awesome… Good work. Nice team work.

    Btw, naa Madras Central channel la suggest panatha paathu thaan inga vanthu intha movie ya paakuren.

    Ithu unmayavey nalla padam. Intha movie theater la release aagalana ennga… Ithu kandipa makkala poi reach aagum. Na intha movie ya ennaku yarulan theriyumo avanga ellarukum suggest pandren… All the best.

  4. A big salute to all my lovable brothers..raghu anna, ramesh anna, shankar anna, dass anna, esp. Sindhu akka. Wonderful feature film based on the value of money..one more feather to your cap..keep rocking

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