As China attacks India,  Pakistan strives to be Beijing's Concubine

As China attacks India, Pakistan strives to be Beijing's Concubine

Ever since its creation as a Hindu-hating country carved out of India, the Islamic State of Pakistan has worked as Beijing’s Pekingese puppy doing China ’s bidding to bleed India.

Despite the fact China has imprisoned a million of its Muslim citizens, banned the name ’Muhammad’ and shut down hundreds of mosques, Islamabad is now behaving as China’s concubine, supplying the dictatorial mandarins with everything the master demands. This includes donkeys to sex workers and total reign over resource-rich Balochistan.

New Delhi Times host Tarek Fatah lambasts his former countrymen for not recognizing the fact that all Pakistanis are primarily Indians, not Arab or Turk and certainly not Chinese.

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Translated titles:
Mientras China ataca a India, Pakistán se esfuerza por ser la concubina de Beijing

जैसे ही चीन भारत पर हमला करता है, पाकिस

بينما تهاجم الصين الهند ، تسعى باكستان جاهدة لتكون محظ

চীন ভারতে আক্রমণ করার সাথে সাথে পাকিস

ಚೀನಾ ಭಾರತದ ಮೇಲೆ ಆಕ್ರಮಣ ಮಾಡುತ್ತಿದ್ದಂತ

Додека Кина ја напаѓа Индија, Пакистан се обидува да би

Rehefa manafika an’i India i Shina, dia miezaka ny ho vadin’i Beijing i Pakistan

ചൈന ഇന്ത്യയെ ആക്രമിക്കുമ്പോൾ, ബീജിംഗ

चीनने भारतावर हल्ला करताच पाकिस्तानन

جب چین نے بھارت پر حملہ کیا تو ، پاکستان بیجنگ کا کونکبی


39 thoughts on “As China attacks India, Pakistan strives to be Beijing's Concubine”

  1. So….We ALL know how much China HATES negative press and they ends they they will go to to suppress it. Pakistan has FINALLY spoken out about the treatment of Muslim Uyghur’s in Xinjiang and China doesn’t like it. China has “suggested” Pakistan manage the negative comments about China’s treatment of the Uyghur’s or SUFFER consequences to their “bilateral agreements”. In other words, China has threatened withholding their BRI infrastructure money and the graft to public officials that goes along with it. Emperor Xi wants the narrative “controlled”. The findings by the Pakistani government test were sent to the Chinese has them right pissed off with Pakistan. Kinda like when Australia SUGGESTED there be an investigation into the origins of the Coronavirus. We all know what happened as a result. The CCP slapped trade sanctions on Australia for suggesting the investigation which would take the control of the narrative out of the CCP’s hands.

  2. Siru r absolutely rite …aftr 20 years pakistan will be so in debt with china tht pakistan will be modern uigher..they just want 2 expand their territory…pakistan fate worry me…but these idiots will never learn..

  3. Apne ap ko khosh kare ka behtareen noskha khosh ho jao is tarah k logo khod hi soch lo kon kon se parts of Pakistan tum ko chayein Ahmaqon ki janat main rehte ho tum log Pakistan jab tak yeh Dunniyan hai jab tak inshaallah rehe ga tum logo is khabees admi ki baton ko dekh k khosh ho rahe ho hamein pata hai yeh mortad kon hai ham bhi yahan India k barey main kisi ko betha k bhut kuch keh sakte hain laicken Pakistan k log Adab o tehzeeb wale log hain yeh dog jo bakwas karta hai kar le ap log bhi Indian tv channels la ga k sushant k bare main dekhte raho baqi koi problem nahi hai hindostan main na carona na chaina se pitai aur abhi ham se wasta nahi para chaiye ka saman tayar hai don't worry chay mile gi ap ko

  4. Dog bar bar apne ap ko Muslim mat keh tum ko Pakistan se kick mar k nikala ja choka tha phir tum ko in tumhare Indian bapos ne khareed lliya ab baqwas karo hamara bal bhi banka nahi kar sakte

  5. Hindustan Pakistan ki ek speciality ha yahan thele per kuch bhi rakho bik jata ha ..Hindustan me to cow urine bik jata ha to teri bakwaas kya cheez ha …kuch bhi likh de ga tu books me log kharid hi len ge

  6. Bakwas kr rha hy. O bhai Muslims ko kisi ghair muslim se koi masla nhe hy. Pakistan ko Hindu se koi masla nhe hy. Masla Kashmir ka hy. Kashmir disputed area hy Pakistan ar India k darmyn, jab ye masla hal ho gya Pakistan ar India brothers hon ge.
    Saudia ko india se q issue ho? Kia saudia ar India ka koi dispute hy?

    Masla dispute ka hy, is ko mazhabi rang q de rhe ho

  7. Kindly publish all your videos dubbed in Hindi also. This will help to connect with rural India in a very big way. Due to English , the reach of all your good videos is very limited. Regards.

  8. Lol @ those idiots who watch the internationally recognized fake fabricated news of india. Even the indians should bycot these fake news if they prefer not to be puppets injected with lies and deciets.

  9. Tit for tat …. India Failed provoke Baluchs ….. and look at their internal situaion…. from Nagaland To Kashmir and Indian Punjab. Thanks to Moodi for feb 2109 too as world saw Pakistan's clear response.

  10. It's probably because Pakistans were not cheated by the western media who tried to spread rumors about Muslim prosecution in China and isolate China from other countries because they concern China would dominate the world as a powerful Eastern country. I truly think all Asian people should unite together, in stead of being separated by those western media who have prejudice towards China and Asian coutries.

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