Armeena claps back at trolls hating on her maternity shoot

Actor Armeena Rana Khan faced flak for being “too western” and “shameful” in her maternity shoot because, according to trolls, desi women are meant to hide their pregnancy and not post pictures of their bellies on social media. However, the actor didn’t let it budge her and clapped back at haters with a note to mind their own business.

On Friday, while sharing a screenshot from the comment section of her maternity shoot picture, Khan showed how she shut a troll for being a “hypocrite” for wanting her to confide to his perfect ‘desi woman’ standard. “Troll me all you want, I don’t care and will never care,” she wrote reiterating that it’s her online space and she shares all updates with her fans and well-wishers and not with haters.

She went on to share the brutal comments she has received on the post. A person commented on how her maternity shoot looked like a “Hollywood copy” and that women shouldn’t copy the “Kafir (sinners)” to feel empowered. “Hey ladies, Don’t be like Fatima. She’s a hypocrite,” wrote Khan.

Triggered by the negative comments, Khan put up a PSA for everyone following her. “Next up, I will talk about my delivery and all of the details when it happens. [This is] my space, not yours,” she wrote in a series of Instagram Stories. “If I haven’t triggered you religious fanatics enough yet, watch this space.”

She also went on to encourage other women to share their experiences of motherhood, and otherwise and claim their space after a fan congratulated her for finding the strength to do the same. “Claim your space, ladies. Motherhood and all its aspects are indeed beautiful. We should discuss our experiences. Let’s lift the ‘shame’ which isn’t even Islamic by the way, but has more to do with misogyny and our oppressive culture,” Khan exclaimed.

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