Archaeology Isn't Sexy

Archaeology Isn't Sexy

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Jess, Trapp, Siobhan, and director Ryan Anthony Martin test their psychic skills and dig for bodies.


31 thoughts on “Archaeology Isn't Sexy”

  1. The turkey sketch and tree sketch have very obvious reasons to be scrapped but Siobhan's was great! Surely it wouldn't be THAT expensive in comparison to some others people have made 😂

  2. "if you're here from the distant future, i hope it's better" me, quarantined at home during a pandemic (on top of many other things) oh boy

  3. 15:08 I grew up in south Texas with an Alaskan malamute. But we didn't bring her there. We found her abandoned and took her in. I got to brush her hair as she shed every summer. It was so fun, and she loved the feel of the brush. It was one of the most tender moments of my childhood.

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