Anthem Review | A Sexy Disappointment (that I don't hate)

Anthem Review | A Sexy Disappointment (that I don't hate)

Anthem is deeply flawed, buggy mess of a game that is not beyond redemption. I somehow had fun with it.

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32 thoughts on “Anthem Review | A Sexy Disappointment (that I don't hate)”

  1. You keep saying that the combat is fun and explaining why it is, but with all the particle effects clogging up the screen and twirly acrobating animations from characters it just looks like a mess to me.

  2. You don’t remember D2 because we all would like to erase everything except their gunplay from recent memory.. 😂

    It’s hard to believe that they made an entire sequel out of mistakes and people are happily paying for them to fix it yet all of Anthem’s dlc will be free n everyone is trying to boil it down to glue instead of letting or God forbid, helping it heal.

  3. I put in a solid 2 months into fallout 76 and the idea of playing another half baked game totally turns me OFF. In fact I am playing the Witcher 3 and have a new appreciation for a quality game. EA has been making the same fucking game forever… and it sucks. Collectathons, Arcadie gameplay, Mircro transactions, Loading, Crap story… I guess EA doesn't want my money.

  4. Bioware is dead imo, I will not purchase any EA games. But it's sad to see what used to be a great studio, completely gutted and pumping out generic trash. I really don't understand why so many studios these days are selling out to EA, Ubi, Etc. it destroys the studio for a quick check.

  5. Anthem is a fun game with an amazing concept. It’s just soooooo barebones though! I still feel like this should have been a single player game with a deep and rich story like Mass Effect or The Last of Us instead of being a shallow throwaway game to milk off of for 5 or so years 🙄😒.

  6. Every single reviewer: It's a looter, why didn't they learn from other looters?
    Their own employees: It's like Destiny, we could learn something…
    C-suites of Bioware: This is not Destiny. This is Bob Dylan of video gaming.

  7. Didn't Bioware have to put the game together after the E3 fake demo? I remember reading the devs didn't know how the game was going to turn up until then, they had to crunch the hell up in less than a year

  8. I feel like Anthem is a perfect example of the value of a good combat system. So many games have you engage in combat 90% of the time yet have lacklustre combat, especially RPGs. A good combat system can make a bad game addicting whilst a bad combat system can make a great game unplayable.

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