AngularJS Twitter Search

AngularJS Twitter Search

AngularJS tutorial showing how to build a Twitter search app.

Play with the jsfiddle here:

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29 thoughts on “AngularJS Twitter Search”

  1. It's not just with Twitter, you can't use any JSON api with this example without running into a Access-Control-Allow-Origin. Can somebody please explain?

  2. Tried the tutorial, but it appears that Twitter search API 1.0 is no longer available. The new API 1.1 need authentication. Struggling to make this work, anyone got this working with the new Twitter search API? Is there a tutorial update?

  3. With new versions of Angular released, the "TwitterCtrl" function should be wrapped in an angular module like:

    angular.module('Twitter').controller('TwitterCtrl', function($scope, $resource) { //rest of code here });

  4. After watching this video I found Angular is just bunch of magic keyword you have to memorize. Just … "Ah … YEAH GUYS, THERE IS MAGIC WORD JSON_CALLBACK – something that Angular uses!" – total brain fuck.

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