Ali Zafar shares advice to deal with anxiety, stress

Actor Ali Zafar revealed that he overcomes anxiety and depression by singing and hearing eastern classical music.

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The “Channo” singer spoke about how his art helps him to deal with “undesirable human emotions” in an Instagram video.

The famed singer said there are beautiful practices. It includes singing eastern classic music. He said they are called riyaz in the language of music.

Moreover, Ali Zafar people said one can do so by hearing “tanpura” music on YouTube. He said “tanpura” is a beautiful instrument that resonates with a frequency which makes every cell in the human body vibrate.

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The singer added that frequency tuning that takes time. He said the body would vibrate when getting closer to it. 

He added that people get aware of their thoughts in this way. 

Ali Zafar also said the mind, thoughts, spirit, and souls go to a beautiful and peaceful place.

Ali Zafar said innocence is the most beautiful thing in a human. He added that not only one’s but others’ life change when connected daily.

In the video, he also hit the classical music notes perfectly. 


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