Ahmed Armstrong's Ancestry: Coconut | Featuring Humza Productions

Ahmed Armstrong's Ancestry: Coconut | Featuring Humza Productions

We take a trip back in time as Ahmed meets with a genealogist to unearth his rich British history and discover the Armstrongs who came before him.

This is the sixth episode in a 10 part series created by Humza Arshad of Humza Productions:

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35 thoughts on “Ahmed Armstrong's Ancestry: Coconut | Featuring Humza Productions”

  1. It's a sick documantary man I am proud of u bro keep it up and I am also proud Char Avell (Sayfuz Ali) he is bengali seeing bengali in BBC i feel proud. You both inspired me a lot and motivate me. u 2 made everyone smile and entertain. lot's of <3 <3
    for you

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