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Aegyo Meaning

There are very few words in the English language to describe the energies, emotions and spiritual concepts I teach. However, it’s interesting to find such words in different languages. What I used to call sexual magnetism has an official term: animal magnetism. Feminine Yin energy has an official term in Indian language: Shakti. Here’s a new word from Korea: Aegyo.

Aegyo means a woman spontaneously flirting and giggling with sweet love and care. No wonder the girls in Girls’ Generation are so feminine and flirty. They have a word for it! It is about using the power from peak Shakti state to melt the hearts of people. It can be used to charm men and to melt their barriers. Think about this… would a woman have more influence over you using Aegyo or through strong argumentation?

Aegyo is an emotional concept. It is not just acting a certain way. It is a peak state of being. It is all about how a woman feels and it cannot be faked. You could even say Aegyo is the feminine equivalent of animal magnetism. The stronger your sexual presence is, the more you will see women naturally and spontaneously flirting with you. Also, by being fully present, you will feel more women’s flirting energy so it will work more on you, creating a very strong natural chemistry.

Shakti energy is suppressed in North America so very few women ever use Aegyo. You have to go abroad in order to see and experience it.

I’ll leave you with a question. These women are aware of their power and just have fun with it instead of abusing it for their own agenda. What is driving these women? Which direction are they going in life?

Source by Etienne Charland

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