Advanced InDesign Book tutorial (Part 13)

Advanced InDesign Book tutorial (Part 13)

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a book with Adboe InDesign CS5. We will divide a existing Document into several Chapters and Synchronise them. We also talk about Headline numbering, Cross-references, Table of COntents, and exporting your book as an PDF for print or online publication.

It’s recommended to start writing your master or bachelor thesis already as a book, if you know you will need a lot of pages. Don’t worry, once you have set up your book, you can work with InDesign as you are used from single documents.

You can download the files and find additional information here:

Tutorial: Writing your Bachelor / Master Thesis with InDesign CS5


34 thoughts on “Advanced InDesign Book tutorial (Part 13)”

  1. Hello, best thing is to start with a book document file, and then to create one indesign document as a template (with your chapter layout etc). Add this template as the style source to the book, and copy the template document for each new book chapter you would like to have. This way you can try things out in the template and synchronie changes in styles to the other book chapters. When your book is finished, remove the template and export the book.

  2. (continued) To clarify: make different indesign documents (copy paste), add them to your book document, and finally synchronie all styles / master pages etc from your "style source" indeisgn document inside your book. (the style source can actually be any document in the book)

  3. hmmmm… yes I know there are some problems with the files (with the fonts). I need to update them (I will do this next weekend). Do you get an error message, or does the program freeze / shut down?

  4. Hello Eko, thank you for your feedback. There is a booklet printing function in indesign, but thats more for printing at home I think. But thats not really good for advanced imposition layouts I assume. I am sorry I can't really help very well with your questions : / I'm not a industry professional (this is more like a hobby of mine), and never worked with high volume prints.

  5. Hi,
    Very nice tutorial. I wonder what the first three pages are for before Master page.

    Also before starting the book file you have already filled the pages with content. Is there a tutorial for how to prepare document with content for making book file.

    Thank you.

  6. thanks for your help! you are a lifesaver– I used your tutorials in making the book Los Angeles Water Works: Histories of Water & Place. I'll send you a link when its ready.

  7. This is the one tutorial that, really saved my ass. Most things can be figured out but the numbering of headlines in book files almost had me crying. I'm immensely greatful for your tutorial. Wow..

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