Actors We Sadly Said Goodbye To In 2022

Actors We Sadly Said Goodbye To In 2022

A groundbreaking sci-fi star. A sitcom scene-stealer. The “first black movie star.” These actors and more took their final bows in 2022.

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Paul Sorvino | 0:00
Nichelle Nichols | 1:06
Olivia Newton-John | 2:07
Anne Heche | 3:18
Louise Fletcher | 4:25
Angela Lansbury | 5:27
Leslie Jordan | 6:43
Kevin Conroy | 7:42
Jason David Frank | 8:42
Kirstie Alley | 9:53
Meat Loaf | 11:15
Bob Saget | 12:41
Gaspard Ulliel | 13:57
Louie Anderson | 14:53
Sidney Poitier | 16:06
Moses J. Moseley | 17:23
William Hurt | 18:37
Estelle Harris | 19:56
Gilbert Gottfried | 21:03
Mike Hagerty | 22:24
Ray Liotta | 23:25
Philip Baker Hall | 24:31
Joe Turkel | 25:20
James Caan | 26:20
Tony Sirico | 27:22
Dale Critchlow | 28:13
Other celebrities lost this year: | 29:29

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41 thoughts on “Actors We Sadly Said Goodbye To In 2022”

  1. I've never ever considered a specific celebrity to ever be my hero and I still don't to this day but if I did it would be the Green ranger White ranger Red ranger black ranger. Rest in peace may your soul return to the power grid from which it was originally created you will be deeply missed. A legend has truly moved on to the next grid

  2. I cosplay as The Arkham Knight Batman, and every time I put that suit on, I channel my innner Kevin Conroy. When the news dropped, he passed away. I dropped to my knees and started crying cause we not only lost a great voice actor but a AMAZING HUMAN BEING! To Kevin Conroy, I was fortunate enough to meet you twice, and I hold those memories in my heart now and FOREVER. You are Missed by me and so many Batman fans around the world. R.I.P my hero My Batman ♡♡♡

  3. Uh , u still forgot some celebrities N who died this year, and they are , Nicki Aycox , Marnie Schulenburg , Irene Cara, Kathyn Hays , Jerry Verdorn , John Aniston, Robbie Coltrane , Bob McGrath , Clarence Gilyard , Roger E Moesly , Max Julien and Emilo Delgodo and there are many more that u forgot about,

  4. Wow! We lost so many in 2022!! My heart hurts for all of them….i will certainly miss my homeboy Leslie Jordan…what a bowl of southern dynamite! I will also miss the humor of Louie Anderson….he touched so many ! As a black woman….i will never forget Nichelle Nichols….growing up there were 3 black women on tv in series…..and of course Sidney Poitier…..we just did not have too many heroes…..(and he was one)…..Ray Liotta will be missed for his range of roles…as well as James Caan… i have to also say i will miss Kirstie Allie.. Veronica’s closet was a favorite…. All of these people were recognized by us all….and will be missed…..RIP Angels….you filled our lives with unforgettable entertainment !!

  5. Dell Aldrich was born on 15 August 1931 in Brenham, Texas, USA. She was an actress, known for Michael (1996), Father Hood (1993) and The Whole Wide World (1996). She died on 2 October 2022 in Austin, Texas, USA. You can still hear her voice is in the Pay to Play game Wizard101 as the Narrator/Grandmother Raven

  6. No talk about Fred Ward is insulting to be honest..the man was a legend… nevertheless may all these people rest in peace..their memories will love on in The roles they played and the affects they had on our experiences watching them

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