Aamir Liaqat’s ex-wife Bushra Iqbal talks about Dania Shah’s arrest

Former Minister of Religious Affairs of Pakistan and late television host Aamir Liaquat had his last years marred with controversies, divorces, and scandals which not only took a huge toll on his mental health but also maligned him professionally.

Liaquat’s third and last marriage to Dania Malik or Dania Shah turned sour leading to his deteriorating mental and physical health that ended his life. Now with Liaquat’s demise, his ex-wives Bushra Iqbal and Dania Shah have found themselves in a legal battle over his property and defamation.

While the latter has recently been arrested by the FIA Cyber crime wing for previously leaking Liaquat’s sensitive information, Iqbal is celebrating justice being served.  

At the time of Liaqat’s private videos got leaked, Dania filed for divorce. After his death, the teenager claimed that she was his widow and should get a share of the property and also became a party for the exhumation and postmortem though she hasn’t been entertained in this regard. 

On the other hand, the late televangelist’s first wife Bushra Iqbal has finally addressed why she is fighting for Aamir and claimed that her motive has nothing to do with his assets. Iqbal suggested that Aamir is missed by his fans and were hurt by what happened to him, and so was she.

She further added that Shah had been trying to extort money out of Aamir since day one. Iqbal also claimed that the deposed along with her family were blackmailing Liaquat.

Disgruntled, Iqbal suggested how the culprit behind the one leaking Liaquat’s intimate videos was “his wife not a girlfriend.” The mother-of-two maintained that while the late host gave Shah a lot of respect, she blackmailed him throughout the marriage; which can be proven by videos of her circulating online where Shah spewed hate and open threats to Liaquat.

Relieved, the former and first wife of Liaqauat said that “girls like Dania Shah should be punished in order to set an example of how the justice system in Pakistan punishes those who cause trouble for others.”

Social media users have lauded Iqbal for standing up against Dania yet there have been some who suggested that Iqbal should have stood up for Liaquat during his downfall. 

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