A Vulnerable Kip

A Vulnerable Kip

I had mentioned in several tales that there was an episode of a television show (Gilligan’s Island, kidnapper)that was the catalyst for my twin brother and me to redefine our role-playing games.

We soon came up with several games and scenarios that mimicked that show, which were related to picking pockets and lifting lady’s jewels.

Then one Christmas a few years later, my brother added his own twist.

We were at our grandparents for the holiday weekend.
One evening we all got dressed up for a formal dinner.
I wore my green satin ruffled blouse with a long layered skirt. I put on my lovely pearl set. Hairpiece, long earrings, double strand necklace with an emerald clasp, bracelet, and two rings.
My brother was wearing the smart tux my mum had made him wear to play butler at her summer teas.
After dinner, the adults played cards. My brother had gone down to our Grandpapa’s study to sit on the cushy couch in front of the fire. I grew bored playing alone and joined up with him.

Jokingly, I tried to lift the wallet from his vest. He caught my hand, then a very brief struggle ended with him getting it back.

Settling in, we had been discussing what we could do, as I found myself begin feeling sleepy by the fire’s warmth on a cold evening.

Soon enough I fell into deep unguarded slumber.

Waking up about 45 minutes later I noticed my brother was gone from my side. Also gone we’re all my pearls.

It was slick, I never felt a thing…


Now recently a friend mention how he had once similarly removed his wife’s jewels under very different circumstances.
I was very curious about what he was feeling as he did so.

And it got me thinking that I had never asked my brother what had been going through his mind while lifting my pearls as I slept. Was it just a prank, or did he pretend at playing a thief, lifting the pearls from a young female victim?

So, while at our pub a couple of weeks ago, on a Friday, after he had a couple of pints, I asked him about it.

“That was quite a few years ago. “ He said

He mulled it over another pint, then told me step by step what he remembered thinking at the time as he lifted my pearls.

As it turned out, he remembered quite a bit.

Later that night I lay in bed thinking about it. Bits and pieces came together and I soon had enough to jot down some notes.

As it happened the next day, Saturday, I was attending a formal attire wedding, wearing my modest collection of diamonds, which paled in comparison to some of the other female guests. A brief pickpocket-themed YouTube video popped up on my cell during a break I was having. I made some comments and later read the replies by others.

Some of the comments fitted in with where I was at, and wearing, which got me thinking about the possibility of a real thief casing the place to see what jewels were being worn, including mine. I soon found myself making more notes as I soaked in my surroundings trying to see through the eyes of that hypothetical thief as he/she was “working” the room.

I revisited all those notes that Sunday, and while setting in quiet under ‘neath the old willow I came up with a story.

Then after giving it a read, my brother’s better half, Ginny, asked why the thief hadn’t followed the diamond-wearing mother into the cemetery?
“She would have been a sitting duck for a bit of thievery loaded down with all that “ice”!”

Which was kinda funny for I had another friend make a very similar comment.

Well, one thing led to another, and last Saturday evening, found Ginny(dressed in silk-like the thief) and I( wearing the gown I’d worn to the wedding, and rhinestones) after grabbing a bottle of Merlot, sneaking into the old cemetery. There, when not drinking wine, we tried out several different scenarios of having the thief lift my jewels.

Ginny devised a rather cunning method of lifting my pierced rhinestone earrings from me.

Smashing fun, especially the way I did an impromptu lifting of Ginny’s necklace when she lost a heel.

Then this past week, I rewrote the version of my tale, the one that hopefully your are about to read.

Writing this tale was a bit surreal, sort of like me robbing a younger version of myself tale.
Not to mention placing a younger version of my own mum in peril.
But I did love the writing the parts where the thief teased the younger version of my brother.
Very satisfying.
Oh also:
The pretty gown the mother in the story is wearing is a description of the one I was wearing at that recent weekend’s wedding. And some of the jewelry I described were based on the ones I wore with that gown.

All of which helped make the storyline a bit more personal for myself.

Hopefully, it also makes for a better read…

Dive in, the water is cruel.


A Vulnerably Unguarded Kip

Foreshadowing the nick…

The 13-year-old siblings had been dragged to a very formal wedding by their mother, who was serving as a bridesmaid for a workmate.

Their father was at his job, doing casework up in London.

So the two, brother and sister, would be off on their own. A fact that had both parents giving warnings to the pair to listen and behave themselves.

And to add insult to injury, for them, the siblings had to be all dressed up in their party clothes, “so no playing allowed !”

What made it especially important they behaved was the fact the girl had been permitted to wear the dainty set of real diamonds that had been willed to her by a wealthy, recently deceased Great Auntie.


Unfortunately, the siblings did not know any of the nosey adult guests and soon found to their dismay, that there were no children even close to their age to associate with.

Then, to the cutely dressed up 13-year-old twin girl’s chagrin, she was called over to a nightmarish table inhabited by a gaggle of, inquisitive, touchy-feely, elderly female guests. Trapped there for some time being “interrogated”.

Then, to add insult to injury, her brother, being ignored, soon disappeared from her side.


Finding that keeping an eye on his sister was a bit lame, the lad began to let his mind wander.

I mean, he thought to himself as he watched his sister, who would really care about what she was wearing anyways?

It was then that he spied what appeared to be a suspicious acting, narrow-eyed bloke, wearing a suit one size too big. He was convinced the man looked like the one who had been a kidnapper/Jewel thief from a telly show he had seen!

He decided the best way to protect his sister and the stupid jewels she just had to be wearing was by following this person of interest around!

But the quarry was doing nothing interesting, like picking pockets or lifting jewels, so it quickly got boring.

Seeing his sister was still talking with those odd ladies at the table, he decided to do a bit of exploring while she was safely occupied.

The lad then snuck out a back door and headed to a large cemetery across the street he had seen when they had driven in.

He did not intend to stay very long, remembering his father had told him privately that he should stay with his sister at all times.

While in the cemetery, located on top of a hill, soon found a gravestone with a long paragraph chiseled in.

As he knelt, reading it, a warm hand was placed gently upon his shoulder.

Meanwhile, his twin sister, tired of being held hostage by the nagging elderly spinsters that had been holding her captive, finally broke away. After spending time in vain looking for her brother, she felt a little sleepy, and eventually found some quiet refuge of her own.

As she had left that table of old biddies, The girl clearly overheard them again murmuring in earshot, this time behind her sleek back, that she was:

“wearing jewels that were far too sparkly for such a young child to be allowed to have on. What kind of mother did she have?”

Part 1

A Vulnerably Unguarded Kip

A sticky-fingered female thief’s narration:
The Invite

I had invited myself to the party. A large interestingly formal wedding reception was being held in the basement of a parish church located just on the outskirts of the city.

There were enough guests from all around Wales that I felt secure that no one would realize I didn’t belong there.

I was dressed in a tight short silk lavender dress, with no jewelry, and carrying a large shoulder purse. Aside from not wearing jewels, I somewhat fitted in.

It was a most titillating experience moving in and out of the crowded main room, casually looking over the well-dressed guests.

I observed an older gentleman who was standing behind a group of stunningly gowned ladies chatting away. He was watching their breasts, while I was watching their jewels and his gold chain watch.

I walked up behind him, then bumped against him as if I had not seen him standing there.

While doing so, reached around his waistcoat pretending to steady myself. Slipping off his gold pocket watch, chain, and penknife fob in the process.

I accepted his apology and we talked for a bit before I was able to gain my freedom, his solid gold watch, chain, and penknife fob securely stashed inside my leather purse.

I was debating celebrating my first take with a smoke outside. But decided against it when someone caught my eye. Actually a pair of someones.

They were the most darling young things. Brother and sister, probably twins I thought eagerly to myself.

They both were handsomely attired.

The red-headed girl especially looked incredibly pretty!

All dressed up in a long sleek peach satin gown. It had a pleated skirt, a top with long sleeves, and sporting a high ruffled collar.

She enchantingly wore about her figure, what at first glance had looked like diminutive rhinestones; but I soon realized with astonished eyes, that the gemstones were actually real diamonds, the true value of which she was probably blissfully unaware of…

Her jewelry consisted of:
A small gold ring set with emeralds flickered from her pinkie. A thin diamond bracelet. Then a necklace set with hanging diamonds and a pair of matching pierced earrings that hung down with an all too glittery sway.

The lad was dressed in a tux, looking like a gentleman. Though he wore no chain watch or school ring like a proper gent would.

I shadowed the pair, trying to determine where their parents were. But these two interestingly appeared to be off to their own devices.

The girl was stopped at a table the children were passing.

I sat down at an empty table close by. I soon was hungrily watching the diamond earrings the girl was wearing. The sparklers were mesmerizing as they valuably swayed down from her ears while she talked to that table of nosey old broads. I ever so wanted to just pluck them off!

I then saw her brother looking around before he snuck off alone.

I rose and tailed him. Soon it was apparent he was following a suited Weasley-faced gentleman. Was this one of the missing parents?

“Not a chance,” I whispered to myself, wondering what game he thinks he is playing at?

With young lads, who knew?

And I was right, for soon enough he left off following the man and made a beeline to a nearby exit door.

“Now what is he up to?” I thought, deciding to follow.

Part 2

A Vulnerably Unguarded Kip

A female thief’s narration: Cont’d
Deserting His Post

He went outside and crossed the quiet lane. On the other side up on a hill was a large tree-covered cemetery. A side set of stairs led up to the top.

I saw him glance back, before hurrying up the stairs. I had stayed in the shadows, so he failed to see me watching.

“This is more like it, “ I think to myself s as I crossed over and took the stairs up.

I saw him looking over one of the rows of ancient tombstones.

I quickly circled around cat and mouse style.

Passing a long, low mausoleum I noticed a closed wooden door. It had a hinge, and the padlock hanging from it was open.

Curiously I unhooked it, peeking inside I saw it was a tool room.

I left the door open, hanging the open lock from the hasp.

I continued around and saw the lad had moved up a few rows so that he was quite close.

I made my way up behind him as he was wiping an engraving with a red silk handkerchief. I placed a hand on his shoulder. He jumped up, looking a bit guilty, the silk handkerchief falling unnoticed from his fingers.

“Hello, fancy meeting such a dashing young lad out here.”

His face reddened as he stumbled over his words.

“I, I should be getting back miss, I need to be looking after my sister.”

I smiled looking down at him. From the top side pocket of his handsome tux, I could see the edge of a leather billfold.

“Let me show you something interesting first.”
I said holding out my hand.

He obeyed, taking my hand and letting me lead the way

I led him back to the mausoleum, telling him I had made a discovery.

We reached the door and I told him the discovery was inside.

He cautiously peeked inside.

I suddenly grabbed him, holding his squirming figure up against me as my fingers reached around and plucked out his billfold. At the same time, I raised my knee and propelled him inside. Shutting the door behind him. I closed the hatch and replaced the lock, leaving it unlocked.

As he pounded from inside I smiled, expertly going through his wallet. Only 2 fivers and a farthing.

Sighing I placed the take in my purse, flipping the empty billfold against the door.

I lit a cigarette and let out a couple of long thoughtful puffs drift lazily off…

“ Hey, laddie…” I called out to the door, and the pounding stopped.

“Yes ma’am? An unhappy voice said from within.

“Your appealing sister has the better stuff anyways.”
I wickedly purred towards the door.
“And now your not around to guard her. She is all alone wearing that adorable gown and shimmering in jewels. As your are locked in there, think about how attractive that makes her to the thief who is about to take advantage of the situation.

The lad tried in vain to shake open the door. Stopping he pleaded…

“Her jewelry is all rhinestones, not worth anything.”

I chuckled with a smirk…
“Really, that means I’ll just put in some practice by acquiring the worthless baubles from her, won’t I now? It’s not like she will be losing anything of real value then. Toodles.”

I left.

Now I just had to find her.

I discarded the cigarette as I reached the stairs leading down from the cemetery.

Rubbing my hands together: “Time to have a bit of fun.”

Having her brother safely out of the way, I headed back inside to the reception, now going in full party mode.

I began to wander around the reception hall, again mesmerized by the many well-dressed female guests. But I was looking for that one Lass in particular.

The sister of the lad I had locked up in the mausoleum, was now ripe prey for the pickings.

My thoughts were that she would by now be earnestly seeking that missing brother. A distraction that should prove to make the young wealthy girl all dressed up in satin and jewels, a vulnerable target for one of my skills.

And as a feeling grew that I was hot on her glittery heels, I began earnestly thinking up ways to cunningly relieve her of the diamonds she wore. The trick would be not letting the young imp to be catching on to the fact.

A well-positioned hug and her necklace would be mine.
Telling her she would look like a movie star if she put up her hair. As she held it up I would tell her to stay like that while I circle around behind her, then while running up her arms, reach over, cup her ears and slip off those pretty earrings.
Distracting her in one direction while I lifted a piece of her jewelry from another. Stroking fingers admiring her satin gown could easily stroke off her bracelet or ring in the process.

If played right The young sweetheart would be plucked of several diamond pieces by me and not be any the wiser.

And if I was caught, well a simple push of the stunned waif to the floor and I would be out the door before she could raise an alarm over her nicked jewels.

But I really hoped it would not come to that.

I searched earnestly for my prey amongst the stunningly dressed-up guests, but just was not finding her?

Thinking she likely may be in the loo, I staked it out.

Two chicks in fluttery silk gowns came walking out. Sparkling purses at their sides, one must be a lefty, for both purses were being carried on the girl’s inside arms.

I briskly walked up and squoze in between them, separating them as I apologized for my haste.

My fingers dipped inside one purse and deftly slipped out a small leather wallet.

“No worries “ they both chirped, not noticing anything amiss.

I went inside the loo, to find it empty.

Though the chick’s wallet I now had certainly wasn’t. I took out a healthy wad of notes and discarded the now thin wallet behind a metal trash bin.

How did I choose which purse to take the wallet from? Why the one whose owner was flaunting the far more expensive necklace from around her throat, of course.

Reluctantly giving up the hunt, I find an empty corner room and went inside to solitarily collect my thoughts. There were plenty of other well-dressed ladies here. And more than one appeared to be vulnerable enough to make a move on her jewels, or the tempting contents of a designer purse.

I had it now set in my mind that I didn’t want to leave the party without at least one attempt at a jewellery lift.

I went to the doorway and began surveying the crowd. On the visual hunt for a likely score.

Then I heard something move around behind me in a far corner of the room?

I was not alone.

I went over to investigate and by a stroke of luck, I found my rich young satin-clad lady fast asleep on a corner couch that was facing away from me.


She looked like a young princess, sleeping happily away.

All quite isolated, all quite delightfully alone, all those lovely jewels just beckoning…

But not all for long….


Part 3

A Vulnerably Unguarded Kip

A female thief’s narration: Cont’d
Sleeping Beauty

With this discovery, I carefully stalked up behind my prey!

I crouched down, then looked her over from behind the couch.

Her reflection showed up enough in the polished glass vase on the coffee table in front of her, as I silently treaded in from behind!

It was still amazing to me that these brilliantly flickering jewels she was wearing were real.

It has been a treat watching this young miss flittering about in the sleekly shiny peach dress and admiring how sparkly the jewels were that she was daringly allowed to be wearing.

A dare that was about to be taken by me…


I gently sat down on the opposite end of the couch, watching her and the surroundings, planning the strategy I would be employing to deduct her shimmering jewels!.

It is truly amazing how glittery real diamonds can be. Even these diminutive ones that had been set in the 14 k gold chains of the set this sleeping living doll was wearing.

I flexed my fingers, getting ready to delve in.

For this type of subtracting I so enjoyed it far more than the boring ways they had us practice math in school!

I only had to make sure my moves along her sleekly attired figure were as nimble as can be and used the least amount of pressure to work off what I was after!

Also, a rule was to keep an eye on any subtle changes in her breathing or movement as I worked!

This would tip me off that it was time to leave with what jewels of hers I had in hand, regrettably leaving the rest perched in place as I made fast my escape whilst she was waking!


Part 4

A Vulnerably Unguarded Kip

A female thief’s narration: Cont’d

So I gently, with growing anticipation, slowly inched closer, my electrically stimulated impulses now sharply increased!

Finally, upon reaching her sleep-warmed figure, I ventured in to gently caress her arm, encased in a peach satin sleeve, with its daintily ruffled end.

The young darling did not stir at my cool finger’s touch as I eyeballed her diamond bracelet and the fancy ring upon her finger!

Normally I would have gone for her necklace first, followed by her earrings, since in that order they are the pieces that usually hold more value, but are likewise most difficult to remove!

Procedures I had once observed on the telly, where a thief carried this out on two different ladies at the same venue! It was watching his moves that had effectively whetted my appetite for this game!

But, in this sleepy one’s case, I had an inkling that her glistening diamond bracelet and the flashy ring on her finger, maybe the more advantageous route to proceed in case I had to face an early retreat!

I moved my fingers tingling down along the sleeve of her right arm that lay upon her lap, carefully peeling back the ruffles to fully reveal the half-hidden sparkly bracelet.

I then moved that bracelet up over her sleeve, before delicately slipping it flickering around until the diamond-studded clasp was exposed.

Licking my lips, I snapped it open, leaving the ends dangle as I moved my hand away and sat looking at her from the corner of my eye!

She kept on breathing heavily with no tell-tale signs of waking up soon!

And no adult appeared to be close by outside our little room!

I reached over and took up the end of the bracelet using the smoothness of her sleeve and her dress’s pleated satin skirt between which it was sandwiched, and easily peeled it away!

I let it lay on her shiny lap, drooling over the pretty thing!


Then I reached down in again, curling my fingers around a certain ring laden one of hers.

Ever so delicately, I began to slowly work off her shimmering ring from over her knuckles, feeling my heart rapidly beating with exhilaration, until it was worked free, and then laid it upon the diamond bracelet!

After catching my breath, I scooped up the bracelet and ring from her sleek lap, stuffing them inside my open purse on the floor.

Then sat back breathing heavily for a minute as my heart began to slow down.

Still no stirring from the innocently sleeping miss!

Sighing happily, I calmly went back to work.

Part 5

A Vulnerably Unguarded Kip

A female thief’s narration: Cont’d
A Main Attraction

I watched her necklace do its dangly, rippling sparkly dance, as she was heavily breathing in her deep sleep.

A jeweled gold strand of glistening perfection laying ever so elegantly up against the sheer front of her lush peach dress’s satin blouse.

The necklace consisted of a row of 6 Pear shaped diamonds. in between each of the pear shaped ones were set 5 round diamonds. Hanging from each round diamond were slightly smaller pear shaped ones.

It was dripping down from beneath her dress’s elegantly ruffled neckline!
It almost seemed a shame to relieve her of the richly gleaming burden!

Almost, but not quite…

Before making my move I delicately reached over and slipped my fingers underneath the necklace, feeling her chest rise up and down with gently moving heaves, as I lifted it for a closer admiration!

I drooled over them a bit before laying them back down, as I made my move…
I slid in daringly closer, placing my arm so it lay on the couch around behind her back.

My fingers worked hidden from behind, lifted the gown’s ruffled neckline, and locating the necklace, pulled it down till the necklaces’ clasp was in view!

Taking it up, I began the delicate task of prying it open…

Looking down at the front of her gown, I let the loose ends slither down along her shoulders.

The diamonds slipped away with an almost silent swish down the front of the slick blouse of her gown, where they fell, curling up in a dainty nestling pile upon the shiny lap of the pleated satin skirt…

I froze, ready to exit, but she did not stir from her dreams!

But the poor thing was far too exhausted to be awakened by my practiced subtle extraction of her shimmery necklace!

I studied the piled-up diamond necklace for a few satisfying seconds, congratulating myself on a job well done, well half done actually!

Then I reached in and neatly plucked the gleaming thing free from where it lay nestled, to finish subtracting that part of the equation!

Dropping it inside my purse I licked my lips with a satisfying feeling of a lift well done.

Part 6

A Vulnerably Unguarded Kip

A female thief’s narration: Cont’d
The mystery

Looking up, I saw the sparklers hanging from her ears playfully peeping out!

That was all of value I could see that was left to take, her diamond earrings.

They were as valuable as they were pretty.

Each one had a large pear-shaped diamond at her ear, whole dangling down was a single column of 5 diamonds each one slightly smaller than the one above it. At the end of the column of was another pear-shaped diamond.

But it would prove to be a sticky wicket to remove. for they were prickling pieced style with hinge clasped hooks.

A two-handed operation.

Plus her long silky soft hair held them, for the most part, safely inside.
I looked around then got up and went behind her and put the mirrored vase to use.

Picking up a strand of her hair I watched as I tickled her nose with it. She stirred, and without really waking, pulled her hair back away from her ears Nicely exposing her beautiful twin diamond-encrusted gold earrings, clearing the way for my attempted lift!

Licking my fingers, I wetted an earlobe around the chosen earring!

She stirred a bit, mumbling in her sleep as I did so, but it was not enough to waken the lass!

I reached in with one set of fingers and lifted the clasp. Looking down upon my victim’s face I saw no sign she was feeling anything.

With the fingers of my other, I began to pull up on the curved gold hook…

As the curved bit reached the end, it pulled at her ear.

she stirred as it did and I let go, pulling back.

She squirmed a little, her hand with a now bare finger, reached up, and rubbed her nose. Still asleep, she murmured something like:

“Mum, I….have yours, key it safe.”

With audacity, I leaned over and whispered in her ear using the silkiest tone of voice I could muster, as I looked her gown over for unseen pockets.

“Tell mum, where did you keep it safe luv?”

She turned a little and in her dream state murmured in a wee voice

“My purse “

I looked around. There was no bloody purse.

I sighed and watched her, should I leave with the jewelry I had in hand?

I just couldn’t allow myself to do it.

A let my fingers gently caress her back into a deeper sleep.

Then, with a touch as delicate as any surgeon’s, I again reached around and gently with one hand’s fingers repeated my gesture to hold open the hinged clasp. Then gingerly pulled the gold hook up with my other until it was free.


I dropped it inside my purse with a plop

As I did, my free hand was delicately stroking along her downy soft dress in an attempt to minimize anything she may have subconsciously felt as I had been removing her jewelled earring.

She never stirred.

I reached in again. Pulling back some of her hair that had fallen back down over her still jeweled ear.

I gently tugged at her remaining earring as I watched her with bated breath.

She was still quite asleep, obviously dreaming.

With now practiced fingers I reached back in and deftly opened the clasp as I slipped up and out the curved gold hook.Again she never moved.

Sighing deeply, I dropped the earring down to join its’ mates.

Part 7

A Vulnerably Unguarded Kip

A female thief’s narration: Cont’d
The De-Icing Finished

Settling against the couch with a spirited sigh, I spent some time watching her svelte, peach satin-clad figure, making good use of the mirrored vase to assure myself nothing of shimmery value that she may still have in her possession, had been missed or overlooked!

Her regal attire still was glistening shiny, but starkly bare naked now that her gleaming jewels had all been nicked clean away.

This had been almost too easy, not that I was complaining, for it had been a most enjoyable, if not scintillating, guiltily pleasurable game of it!

I looked around, planning my exit.

The coast was very clear. I rose and looked around.

My heart suddenly began to pound. There on the side of the couch, in the shadows, lay a small silver clutch purse.

I bent over and nimbly picked it up.

I thought it to be unusually heavy. But resisting the urge to take the time to open it for a peek, I stuffed it inside my purse.

That would give me something to look forward to later. To see what the contents of her purse were and if she actually had hidden something of her mother’s inside.

I shivered deliciously at that thought.

Tootles I endearingly said in silence to the sleeping doll’s shimmery figure, as she lay still snuggled into the couch with a dreaming smile upon her lips.

Blowing a kiss, biding her a fond adieu for being such a good sport, as I walked away, feeling my purse now nicely weighted down with her still warmly purloined jewels and her small silver clasp purse.

I was finding amazement over the quantity, and apparent quality, of the jewellery that my victim had been allowed to wear out daringly alone this particular evening!

Thanking in silence the old biddies that had been so kind as to let me overhear them as they confirmed out loud, that very fact!

I began my hasty exit from the premises with a warm feeling that for me can only come from carrying a bag heavy with the loot acquired from lifting personal items from well-dressed wealthy guests at a party I’ve crashed.

Today I thought about the older gentleman’s gold watch, chain and penknife fob.

I thought about the chick in a flimsy silk dress carrying a designer purse with a fat wallet.

I also thought of the pick pocketed lad securely locked inside the mausoleums’ tool shed.

So very considerate of him to have left to explore the cemetery. Leaving his twin sister and her valuables quite vulnerably exposed to a thief of my ilk.

I should like to tell him about what I’ve been up to…

But then my happy thoughts were interrupted and found I was quite mistaken that my adventures that day were now over.


Part 8

A Vulnerably Unguarded Kip

A female thief’s narration:
The Leaving

For, as I was leaving I spied someone wearing something on that looked very soft, with an amazing bit of rich shimmer that was inviting to my predatory gaze.

A young lady of 20, standing quite alone, as she was watching a group of well-dressed dancers on the floor from across where I was standing.

She was just darling in a knee-high sky blue taffeta A-Line dress. Blonde hair tied in a ponytail, held by a sapphire clip. Sapphire stud earrings and a 3 centimeters wide solid gold necklace set alternating with matching 1-carat gemstones of fiery sapphires and diamonds in its centre, were the delectable jewels that she was adorably wearing that had caught my eye.

And what made me take notice, was the sleek black satin jacket with rhinestone buttons. she had it over one shoulder like she was either putting it on or taking it off when someone on the dance floor captured her full attention.

She also wasn’t playing with the necklace that hung down so it just laid on the neckline of her dress. She was very transfixed on watching the dancers. All good signs that she was a good mark for a lift.

“Don’t move honey, I’ll help you with that jacket!” I willed it to her in my mind.

Fingers tingling I eagerly circled up behind her, wondering if she realized how attractive to a thief that flashy necklace of hers was?

She certainly had no idea someone was creeping up behind her and was clueless that her necklace’s clasp was now being studied.

Coast clear, I made my move.

“Cade! Here let me help you on with your jacket.

I grasped the loose end of the jacket as she automatically held out her free hand behind her.

“Thank you, but my name isn’t Cade, you’ve mistaken me for someone else miss?”

Holding the jacket with one hand as she put hers inside the empty sleeve, the fingers on my free hand had whisked up the backside of the ultra-soft dress she was wearing easily locating the necklace’s gold-hinged clasp.

“Oh, your so right miss, that’s embarrassing,” I told said behind her as she slipped the jacket up to her shoulders, at the same time I had the pricey necklace unfastened and was lifting it from around her throat.

I pulled it away, letting it drop from behind her now black satin-covered back where it swung in my hand for a brief second as I then shoved it inside my purse.

She turned to me smiling, though I could tell she was still a little shook.

“That’s ok, I’m Abigail by the way.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that on the thin lapel of the satin jacket was inserted a shimmering diamond pin, the head fashion like a small exploding star, which was the effect the small diamonds set into it were giving off.

My eyes fixed on her blue blushed ones, I complimented the rather attractive girl…
“Your are very pretty Abigail, and I do apologize.”

I had made her uneasy which is part of the trick to do after making a lift.

I placed my hands on either side of her chest, one covering the diamond pin.

“I should let you be off, pleasure running into you. Such a pretty jacket. I should buy one like it for my Cade.”

As I said this my fingers stroked her satin jacket, then nimbly two of my fingers split out on either side of her diamond pin and slipped it up and off.”

My victim nodded, blushing red…

“Thank you I should be going. nice to have met you.”

She turned and fled the scene.

I watched her slink away as I deposited the girl’s diamond pin into my purse.

I had now more than outstayed my welcome at this particular party.

Part 9

A Vulnerably Unguarded Kip:

A female thief’s narration: Cont’d
An unexpected Twist

I made my way to the closest exit door, which just so happened to be the one leading to the cemetery.

I was almost to the door when I felt a hand placed upon my shoulder

Had I been caught out?

I turned slowly around

A very prettily attired red-haired lady with wide oval eyeglasses, a worried look upon her fetchingly made-up face was smiling shyly as she said.

“Sorry miss, but before you go, I’m looking for my children?”

I had known in an instant who this lady was, obviously, the young sleepy imps look a-like pretty mother, searching around in vain for her children.

And she also had been drinking a bit.

She was indeed a beauty, resplendent in a lushly long, green bridesmaid gown that with a shiny snugness, fitted over her semi-voluptuous figure.

The gown was rather a knocker.

A long floating skirt that swept down to the floor hanging from the rhinestones that surrounded her svelte waistline. a scooped chest-baring top with a rhinestone collar around her throat that was attached to crossed straps along the backside. This left most of her back bare.

But even prettier, were the heavily diamond-encrusted jewels she inattentively was wearing along her figure. Her mind being so focused on other concerns, it made her an easy target.

Much like her daughters had been, these were a dazzling treat to covet.

The lady’s long red hair was piled up in a bun, held up by a long leaf-shaped diamond-encrusted clip inserted along one side.

Exposing fully her Long silver pierced earrings, each with 5 dangling chains of equal length. All 5 chains dripped with 7 pear-shaped diamonds, the 7th ones at the bottom were 3/4 carat larger than their mates. They shimmered like matching chandeliers.

Seated between a pair of still youthfully perked round breasts, a long diamond brooch was pinned to her gown. Looking like a cascading gem-filled waterfall.

But what really caught my eye was the fully 5 centimeters wide silvery bracelet flickering with a river of diamonds and emeralds as it laid loosely around a conveniently satin gloved wrist.

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

The ringless fingers on that hand held a fat gold sequin clutch purse by its bottom, held tightly next to her svelte waist.

Actually, she wore No rings at all? Which I thought was uncannily off, considering the overall quantity of jewelry she had put on.

My eyes took all this in instantly. But I was able to play it so she took no notice of my evaluating interest in them.

With an eye on the shimmering brooch, I asked, with concern oozing from my voice.

“Your children? I may have. How were they dressed?

With a very distressed look in her doe wide mascara-covered eyes, she told me they were a boy, and a girl the same age. Twins she proudly, but a bit woefully, told me.

She opened her purse(a Diamond bracelet rippling with sparkles)and pulled out a pretty wallet of gold Lamé. I saw that it was bursting thicke with notes of the realm as she opened it to show me pictures of her children, describing how they were all dressed up like a proper ladies and gentlemen for this party.

As I slipped up close beside her I told her excitedly I had seen them head outside earlier.

She replaced the wallet and held the purse in the crook of her arm as she intently listened. Looking out towards the door. Instinctively I reached up, my fingers playing with the purses’ clasp.

I quickly pulled back.

I would have loved to lifted that plump shiny wallet from the lady’s purse. It would have been easy enough. She had to have been carrying at least £800 inside it. But I was keen on reaching loftier goals. A chest-high one that is.

I pointed towards the exit door. Hoping her jewel-stripped daughter would stay blissfully asleep until I could let my fingers do some of the same work on the far more valuable jewels worn by her befuddled mother.

Within a minute I cleverly spun a tale that increased her worries to the extent that she became putty in my hands.

Clueless to my true intentions, the wealthy mother innocently followed me out the door and across the street to the cemetery stairs where I said truthfully I had seen her son heading, but told a lie by saying her daughter had been with him.

I had her right where I wanted her. Thankful she could not read my mind.

Part 10

A Vulnerably Unguarded Kip:

A female thief’s narration: Cont’d
The Unescorted

I went on talking, keeping my intended victim’s mind planted on her children.

“Your darlings are probably exploring around some of the crypts luv.” I purred making sure to point out the one I had trapped her son in. I wasn’t all heartless.

She raised her arm to mine, that diamond bracelet of hers magnificently sparkling around the green satin evening glove she wore.

But it was the diamond broach she was wearing that I had my eye on lifting. And I knew just how to get this darling lady into position to lift it off her expensive silken gown before we got much further.

Flexing my fingers, I licked my lips in anticipation of attempting a lift…

She turned to face me…
“I really appreciate your help.”

“My pleasure Miss,” I said in my best subservient voice as I soothingly touched her elbow, forcing my eyes from looking down at her far too flashy diamond broach.

With plucking that broach in mind, I suggested…”Let’s go up the stairs, I can help you look.” While saying that, I stole a quick look back towards the party to make sure no one else was coming out.

BIG mistake, looking back. My mark saw me checking and took it that I wanted to be back at the party. Buggers.

“No I’ve probably taken enough of your, thank you, go can go back to the party luv.” she said with a weak smile as she patted my arm in dismissal, and before I could do anything, she slipped away from my fingertips, heading up the stairs into the cemetery.

Caught off guard I didn’t know how to react without making her nervous.

Watching as she made her way up the stairs, gown nicely swishing down along her appealing figure, I murmured to myself.

“No. I almost had it, sweetie!”

I then turned my back to the wealthy young mother, facing the church building we had just left, leering loose with a long sigh…

I was kicking myself for looking back and losing my opportunity at nicking the lady’s valuable brooch.

Then I froze, smiling evilly as several enticing thoughts were pictured in my mind.

“Why was I doing what a mark told me?

I then lectured myself.

“Here I am down here, whining on about not getting that wealthy dames brooch. When she will be up there, wandering about wearing a deliciously pretty gown, just like her daughter, innocently flaunting expensive sparklers, just like her daughter had been….A vulnerably alone target, a sitting duck, just like her d…!

And the Mum had been drinking, with her fogged mind now totally focused on finding her little darlings!

“I couldn’t dream up a better scenario….So just why I am walking away from it? Twit!”

Encouraged, I hurried up the stairs to the cemetery as fast as my legs would allow.

Now I suppose the quickest way to acquire an, ‘out wondering alone’, rich lady’s valuables would be to simply hold her up and rob her. But I’m no mugger. I don’t carry any type of weapon. And I’m quite certain sneaking up behind her and sticking a tube of my lipstick into her slick back side would not be a convincing enough weapon to make any lady hand over her jewels. I did have that gold penknife I had lifted off the gentleman, but I had doubts over that working as an influencer to “hand over the goods” as well, not on an adult anyways.
Besides, I’d rather leave those sorts of things to the lads. They tend to have the personality for it.

So, it will take a bit more of my precious time. But by employing distracting tactics while using my nimble fingers to do some fast lifting, I could nick her brooch, and some of her other diamonds fairly quickly. While her slightly inebriated mind was focused on finding her children.

As I reached the top of the stairs, I could not see jeweled hyde nor hair of my victim.

I thought I should check out the mausoleum where I had her son locked inside a tool shed. If she was there I would have to quickly abandon my cause.

Breathing a sigh of relief I saw that there was no sign of that appealingly attired Lass around that particular area.

A delicious thought I had been having earlier occurred to me, and I walked over to the tool shed door.

The sharp end of some tool was sticking out from beneath the door. He had been busy. I could see the door was still very much secured.

“Oui lad, if you can hear me, I was wrong about your darling sister. Your lovely dressed mum Is wearing the better stuff. And fancy that, she is up here alone, looking for you.
Alone like your sister was without you keeping an eye on her. It was easy enough luring her off to get those sparklers she so naively wore. I got them all from her by the way, seeing no one was there to guard her against being picked over clean. But no worries, I left her wearing that pretty party dress.”

I heard some weak movement on the other side of the door.

I continued along with a snarky tone of voice.

“Hmmm What you say I go now and do the same for your mum, you know, lighten her load a bit. I’ve especially taken a liking over that pretty brooch pinned to that delicious green gown of hers. And seeing your still locked up, there is no one to stop me. What are you say to that laddie?“

I heard the door rattle once as I scuttled off to find my jewel-burdened sitting duck.

Part 11

A Vulnerably Unguarded Kip:
The Tickling

Rounding the corner I soon spied my quarry in the shiny green gown. She was approaching one of the smaller crypts a mere 20 meters from me. Far too close to where I had ambushed her son.

As the pretty mother reached it, she peered inside a stained glass window.

As I reached her she was trying the open the long green tarnished copper door.

She was calling out to her children while doing so.

“No luck?” I asked in a friendly enough tone.

She jumped, gloved hand to her mouth as she turned and gasped, then with a little giggle.

“My goodness, you did startle me! I was just realizing I was all alone up here. No sign of my children so far. I’m so glad to see you.”

She places a hand upon my arm. The diamonds and emeralds set in her bracelet blazing to vivid life, along with the rest of her ample collection of amazing sparklers: hairpiece, earrings, and dangling brooch.

I smiled, saying with a bit of true meaning:
“Yes I was leaving the party anyways, so I decided to give you a helping hand.”

I then looked at the wealthy lady saying nothing more.

I smiled though like I was feeling compassion. But I wasn’t, not for this lady, or her plight. If anything what she misread in my eyes was the passion I felt for relieving her of those brilliant diamonds.

I looked around. We were both quite alone up here. Unlike her. I knew where her children were, and that they weren’t about to show up and spoil the fun.

The only Joker in the deck was her husband. There had to be one. But why wasn’t he with his little family?

Feeling awkward over the silence she nervously giggled, running her hand over her brow, then said.

“I know I was being silly, it’s not like I was in any danger by myself here. Now you’re here with me, so I should be safe. I was checking the mausoleums like you suggested?”

I answered:

“Brilliant idea, I’m sure the children are close by.”

Then I acted like I had felt a small breeze and made myself shiver.

“Getting colder out.”

She agreed, nodding her head. Hairpiece and earrings doing their lovely sparking show.

The power of suggestion to a tipsy lady, I thought to myself, eyeing her flashy hairpiece. I knew she had not been feeling cold.

“You know dear, you may be warmer if you let your hair down?”

Nodding compliantly, she lifted up her arms and reaching up to one side, pulled out the long narrow, shimmering clip from her hair, shaking down her long, freshly washed, reddish locks as she did so, earrings flashing out with amazing glitter.

My mouth hung open in shock. She actually fell for it. I had said that on a bloody whim, and this clueless ninny fell for it. She must have had more to drink than I suspected.

My mouth was drooling as I watched her carefully place the flickering diamond clip hairpiece safely inside her purse.

Your worried about your young darlings aren’t you?" I said. Moving closer, getting in position to pick the contents of her purse.

But tears welled up and she started to sob

“Come here I said and pulled her into a hug she fell fully against me wrapping her arms around me

I consoled her, patting on along her back
as we embraced.

She pulled away and I cupped my hands on both sides of her face. My fingers deftly moving up behind her ears and locating the bottom of the hooks holding in her diamond earrings, managed to push them up enough so the curved tops of the gold Shepard-style wires, were raised up from where they had been set in her earlobe. My victim never felt a prickling.

Stepping back I handed her my handkerchief, and she dried her eyes

“Silly of me she sniffed.”

“You’ll find them” I said. pulled back her hair with an upward stroking motion

You know your daughter looks just like you with your hair down

She smiled at that

But I did like seeing you with it up

I lifted her hair up, my fingers caressing up alongside her ears. I pushed off her glasses and they fell off.

“My glasses.” She said trying to catch them.

As all this happened I was taking advantage of the distraction I created, by finishing pulling up and out the hooks of her dazzling diamond earrings, surprised at how easily they came off from her earlobes.

I’m sure they pricked a bit this time as they were coming out, but her focus being on her glasses, it wasn’t enough to catch her notice.

With them safely hiding in my hand, I said to her now bent-over figure.

“Sorry, Let me.”

I heard her answer, voice straining as she felt around in the grass as she located her glasses.

“No I have it, thank you hon.”

Gleefully I stared down over her sleek backside, her pleasing figure tightly outlined by her sleekly sumptuous gown, wiggling with excitement over my successful lift, while murmuring…

“No. I have them, so thank you, sweetie!”

She picked up her glasses and rose up.

She hurriedly put them back on, never missing that her ears were now strikingly bare.

Holding back a smile, I said to her:

“Let’s say we start cracking looking for your twins .”

She went on ahead as I held back to deposit her diamond earrings inside my purse.

Before I could stop her I saw she was making her way to the long low mausoleum with the tool shed and its prisoner.

I whispered

“Not quite yet missy, your are still wearing something I want.

Remembering that the lad had dropped his handkerchief I ran up and grasped her shoulder, holding up her progress.

“Here Now, what is that, just over there …

“Over there” was still out of sight. But she never questioned how I had seen it.

I went up, taking her by the arm, and led her over to the row of gravestones where I had ambushed her son earlier.

Spotting a bit of crumpled red silk by a gravestone, she shrieked:

“That’s his red handkerchief, they were up here!”

She hurried, a little wobbly, to where it was laying. I was right beside her.

As she bent down to retrieve it, I did the same.

One hand placed strategically on her silky back pulled her against me, while the other hand simultaneously slipped along her sleekly gloved arm to her wrist, easily unclasping her diamond bracelet and whipping it off.

She dropped the handkerchief as I was performing the maneuver.

I then rose up as the wealthy young mother, reclaiming the red handkerchief did the same. Staring around, I stood behind her, daringly fingering the ridiculously expensive bracelet I had lifted from her.

She started to say something to me, so I quickly stowed the jeweled piece in my purse, so that by the time she had turned to me, I stood there with only a questioning smile upon my face.

She smiled back, clueless to what had just happened, then asked

“Where do you think they could be?”

“They may have to have gotten inside somewhere, that’s why we can’t see them and they can’t hear us.”
Then I added truthfully
“They may be trapped there.”

She pointed towards the long low mausoleum where she had already started for.

I looked at her briskly shimmering long diamond brooch wedged in between her fine plump breasts. I was jealous, that my own endowments weren’t anything like that. Any male worth his salt would have found them incredibly enticing. But for me, the enticing bit was her longish diamond-encrusted brooch wedged in-between.

I had had a plan on how to nick that broach earlier. It was now time to put another in play.

Part 11

A Vulnerably Unguarded Kip:

A female thief’s narration: Cont’d
The Last Piece

I pointed to another small crypt in the opposite direction. It was on the edge of a small thick grove of woods

“Let’s try that other one over there. I have an inkling about it. They may just be in the woods playing.”

“Oh, I really hope so…”
she said,then turned towards me, placing her hand on my shoulder. Not noticing that her wrist was now quite bare.
“You have been very helpful thank you.”

I led her swishing figure along the cobblestone path that led right by the crypt. We tried the door and she bent over to peer in the stained glass window.

I stood hovering behind her, right on her silver sandal-covered heels.

Not realizing I was there, she backed into me as she stood up. I fell over her, my hands wrapping around her waist, my fingers intentionally grasping her breast’s in a fondling caress as I steadied myself.

I heard her make a rather pleasurable squeak as my caressing fingers held her.

As we were still trying to keep our balance and not fall over each other, my fingers moved over to where her diamond brooch was hanging, blindly locating the jewelled piece with my fingers, I deftly undid the clasp and pulled it off from her very scintillating to the touch gown.

We both laughed as she rose and awkwardly steadied herself.

Clutching her broach with one hand behind my back, I placed the other on her shoulder. The rhinestones around the collar of her gown were striking. They, along with the rhinestones encircling the waist of her gown, were also all the sparkling adornments she had left.

I marveled at how I had pulled it all off, especially the lifting of her broach.

If a bloke had tried using the methods I had employed, her suspicions would certainly have been raised.

With me she merely felt a pleasant tickling, tingling in the area my fingers were working. Meanwhile, I was feeling an almost similar pleasing tingling as I plucked off the jewel that was held hanging from where my fingers had caressed.

And to prove my point, instead of being slapped, she looked at me with wide eyes, and again I was pulled into a hug, an all-enveloping one. I felt the perking warmth of her figure against mine, my one arm around her waist patting her rhinestones, the other still behind me back clutching her brooch.

“I really am happy to have run into you, just think a few seconds later and I would have missed you leaving “

“I couldn’t have said it better,” I whispered into an ear, the pierced lobe naked now that her earrings were gone.

While speaking, I uncomfortably maneuvered my arm from behind my back and managed to drop her brooch in my purse. I then reached around and stroked her back. The liquor had aroused her, combined with the worry over her children.

She needed to be held.

I felt sorry for her missing husband, the father of her children. He was going to lose out on a role in the hay this evening.

I’m sure this lady will be losing her drink-induced horney desires once the cold dark reality of being robbed blind finally sinks in this evening.

But for now, his darling bride was clueless, and a feeling wee bit randy.

Ouch, she suddenly said and pulled away limping, looking down. As she apologized to me.

“Sorry, for the huge hug I needed it. But Look I’ve lost a shoe.”

She then bent down to try and put it back on. She needed to balance with her other hand. The one holding her purse.

“Her luv, let me hang onto your purse for you .”

She trustingly gave it to me, then put that hand on my shoulder as she, not easily for the drinks she had had earlier had not completely worn off, slipped back on her wayward sandal.

Lord I thought.

If she had been wearing a jewelled necklace one could not have manipulated a better opportunity to lift it.

But the only jewels around her neck were the rhinestone collar of her shiny gown. If that gown had not had that type of bloody collar, she undoubtedly would have been wearing a diamond necklace. Pity that, I thought, trying to imagine what that necklace would have looked like.

But I forced my mind back to work on how to keep from giving back her purse

Final prize in hand, I was literally trembling with excitement as a delicious thought entered my mind

I Suddenly say.

“What’s that then?”

She shot straight up looking around


Part 12

A Vulnerably Unguarded Kip:

A female thief’s narration: Cont’d
The Concluding

“Over there, something moved. It was something pink or peach colored I think.”

I point to a small pagoda, some ways off in the opposite direction of the long, low mausoleum.”

Forgetting all about her purse she began to scurry over

I’ll check over by the big mausoleum. I called after her

She turned and nodded, long hair flying around from behind her delectably begowned figure.

I watch, taking one last lingering look at the enchantingly clad cute rich lady. As I take my hand from behind my back and stuffed her purse inside mine. taking one last long look of her sleekly gowned back, I turn away.

Then I again, for the last time, walk towards the low mausoleum and the wooden shed door.

Sneaking up to the shed door I called put…

“Cheers my lad. Thank your mum when you see her. It was very considerate of her putting the good stuff on for the party.. it was lovely fun doing some subtracting from her…. and your twin sister. Toodles”

As the rattling began anew, I stepped over the empty limp wallet, then hustled out of the area.

I did not feel sorry for teasing that laddie. He reminded me far too much of my own slightly older brother when he was that age. Unfortunately for the lad, I had locked in the tool shed, he was a straw man portraying my sibling, whom I was extracting a bit of payback for all his teasings.

As I approached the stairs leading down from the cemetery, I slowed my pace and walked casually

My string of luck was holding as I reached the stairs, I could see no one around below.

I walked down the stairs as if I had not a worry in the World. Reaching the bottom, I jaywalked across the deserted side lane towards the far outside corner of the church building.

I tried not to hurry as I skirted the outside of the building, making my way to the corner to then escape to a safe haven where I could make what promised to be a delightful study of the new contents inside my bulging purse.

Including discovering what mysteries may be inside the small silver clutch purse of a certain young lady, so recently picked clean of all the fine jewels she had so invitingly displayed along her smooth satin gown. I thought of how her mum’s gloved fingers had been surprisingly bare of any rings. Just maybe, I speculated.

As I turned the corner I risked a look back.

Soon, a ways up on the hill, I saw several shiny flickers coming from the rhinestones on a fancy gown that betrayed the position of the well-dressed mother as she hurried from around the edge of the mausoleum with her handsomely attired son in tow.

The fancy hounds were finally on the scent. But I knew they would be heading inside first. I still had ample time to make a clean getaway.

“She certainly was a smashing package that one was.“ I sighed wistfully, now that the fun was being over, then murmured.

“Too late my darlings, the well-fed fox has already flown the coup, and thank you for the lovely jewels!”

I moved out of sight, then lightening up a cigarette with a satisfied feeling, crossed the street and walked causally down the far side of the block.

Making good my escape.


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