A Sexy Car Ride- A Place to Call Home #14

A Sexy Car Ride- A Place to Call Home #14

Ludus and Leo decide to do something a bit risky on the way to pick up Phileo…

I’m sorry for all my laughter in this episode, I just couldn’t hold it together! Every episode is full of so many silly scenarios.

Game- https://hugecookie.itch.io/a-place-to-call-home


11 thoughts on “A Sexy Car Ride- A Place to Call Home #14”

  1. I have such bizarre experience every episode XD
    It's scary, then sad, then funny, then serious about werewolves?, then horny
    I just can't predict this game DX

  2. The classical music is so awesome in this vn. I picked up on Clair de Lune this time at the beginning of the episode.

    If a copy right owner of a song dies that song is no longer copyright material 70 years after there death so classical music is a great choice for a vn like this.

    My cousin just bought a house that looks exactly like that house. Me personally I wouldn't go for that look. It would feel too much like a luxury hotel for my liking XD.

    I would like a modern look but the all white look, its over used. I'd go for a gray slate bricks around the center island with a white marble counter top.

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