A Little Gypsy Girl (2009)

A Little Gypsy Girl (2009)

A musical filmic-fable that portrays the lives of new immigrants coming to London in search of a better life.
I like to call it The Anti X-Factor; no talent or shiny celebrity wannabe aesthetics. Its pure meaning and feelings.

My inspiration came from seeing how classicist our society has been and still is.
Within native English culture the racial and class differences have in the last decades been diminishing, but the ‘new poor’ or the new underdogs are the economic migrants, refugees that have to live in the black economy to survive.

I wanted to tell a story about how the lives of three people come together in defiance of the suppressed system in which they live.
How two people from very different cultures and languages can embrace themselves in love without the need of understanding their native languages. The natural human chemistry of attraction is enough for them to understand each other.

I wanted to use the fable like style of children’s books to bring out the moral of the story. Which is that of hope and that the perception of people and life is never what reality has in store for us. But above all, Alice, the tough Gypsy woman, is an example that if we are brave enough, we can posses the power to change reality and to not care what people say.
The ‘I am a Little Gyspy Girl’ song was written by Catherine Justice.
The cut line border is a reference to Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, when Mia Wallace tells Vincent Vega “Don’t be a square”.

There are many technical mistakes which I am aware of but with a budget of less then £200 I think we pulled it off quite well and nevertheless it was a great life learning experience for everyone involved.

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