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A Christian Marriage With Sex Everyday?

There have been a number of news articles online and a book or two published regarding “everyday sex”. In one experiment a couple decided to have sex everyday for a year and document there experience. Other couples have also tried similar experiments with hopes that it would solidify their marriage.

Well, what about everyday sex for a Christian marriage?

There are two different sides to this answer.

  1. No, this is not a healthy aspect of Christian intimacy and should not be practiced. Now this viewpoint compares everyday sex with the examples above regarding the couple who wrote the book and other couples who have reported trying it. The reasons Christians should avoid this is because it is a “forced intimacy”. In other words, there are many couples who are just not physically or mentally comfortable with engaging in sexual intimacy every single day. Well, according to the everyday intimacy trend, the couples should force themselves to have sex with one another. Obviously one can see that this is not a Christian value and it should be avoided.
  2. Yes, having sex everyday can be very healthy for a married Christian couple. This viewpoint can also be valid in the following context. Say both husband and wife are very sexually active. That is they both desire to practice this amazing gift as often as possible. Sex on a daily basis could very well work for this type of married Christian couple. It would not be a burden and would only add to their intimacy, and ultimately their marriage. Many times sexually active Christians find it difficult to have sex as often as they desire. What will happen is that once they get out of the groove as far as practicing intimacy, they find it difficult to get back into it, so much so that some couples become frustrated and end up not having sex at all! This happens more times than one would think, and many times it happens with the couples who have had enjoyable sex lives earlier in their marriage. So for these individuals, daily intimacy could be the solution for staying in that intimate groove that they need to be in to help maintain a healthy and intimate marriage.

Let’s remember that sex is a celebration and really should be practiced as often as possible, based on the comfort level of each married individual. Sometimes that may mean only once a month. Other times that could very well mean everyday. It all depends on the couple.

Source by Chess McDoogle

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