A 1000 Year Old Abandoned Italian Castle - Uncovering It's Mysteries!

A 1000 Year Old Abandoned Italian Castle – Uncovering It's Mysteries!

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General History ►

This is a story that has unfolded for more than a thousand years, a story about an ancient castle that has endured the test of time.  

A noble and very influential Italian family constructed the Glorious Castle in the 10th century.
It has played an instrumental role in the historical development of this area throughout history. Various figures have taken it over at least 20 times and used it as a base to rule over the underlying kingdom. 

With each seizure, the subsequent owners remodeled and reconstructed the castle to their taste. They added new sections and transformed it into a more modern era of rule. When walking through it, the different time periods can be seen on the walls. 

One last takeover occurred in 1711 when the Lomellino family seized the castle. Since they had already ruled this area for so long, it was only natural that they would also take this place by force. Their final reconstruction transformed it into the structure we see today. Furthermore, they developed a wine-producing business in and around the castle, producing world-class wines for centuries to come. 

This particular castle has the longest-lasting history of anything we have documented before on the channel…

Throughout the documentary, we will go more in-depth on its history and architectural features!

Architecture ►

When this castle got constructed in the early 10th century it was only a fraction of the size of what it is right now.

Over its 1,000-year history, the castle was remodeled and parts added left and right. It’s believed it’s been remodeled at least 15 times. 

A magnificent display of medieval architecture, the building rises 5 levels around a central courtyard. Its high walls protect it from attacks on the outside while keeping life pleasant inside. 

Every single room is uniquely decorated and, in total, the entire place consists of more than 40 rooms. The castle is a true masterpiece of Italian architecture and design. In this documentary, we also discovered that there are multiple hidden tunnels beneath the castle. In the more early and violent years of its existence, these tunnels probably served as escape routes! 

Family History ►

As the last decedent of the Lomellino family to live here, Carlos inherited all the wealth his family gained over the years. He met his lovely wife Beatrice early in life, and the two married and built a beautiful life together. 

In their lifetimes, they expanded the business that their forefathers had established for them and grew it bigger than they could have ever imagined.

In contrast to previous generations, Carlos and Beatrice had a relatively small family, occupying only one section of the castle, and had few servants. 

After their children moved out to live in more urban areas, Carlos and his wife retired and closed their businesses. They also moved out of the castle after a couple of years because it had grown too big for them. 

This was almost 4 decades ago. For some time, they kept the house in pristine condition. However, after the death of their parents, the children lost interest in this masterpiece and left everything to decay with time. 

This masterpiece is the outcome of a thousand years’ worth of history, and we will take you on a tour of it today!

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41 thoughts on “A 1000 Year Old Abandoned Italian Castle – Uncovering It's Mysteries!”

  1. Amazing 👏 wow, allot of the ceilings are covered in frescos types of art and drawings. Such a vast property, and all the furnishings left behind. The tunnels Leslie wow those are like catacombs wow! Thanks again for a great tour!

  2. Brothers of Decay. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, (from the District of Columbia). I am so very grateful for all the videos, thank you. They’ve provided me fun, entertainment and decay, while I’ve been recuperating from a shattered ankle & ACL, surgeries. Leslie’s voice should be patented, it’s as sweet and smooth as Tennessee Whiskey. If y’all ever get to the states, I’ll be honored to tour you through my lovely town. XOXO ♍️

  3. Wow wee boys you out did yourselves on this one 🙂👍 it was an amazing video of an amazing old castle 🏰 . I love you guys 💗 and you have a blessed Christmas season 🎄😇

  4. Keep Rocking 🤙 the good stuff 👍 Beautiful people 🤗 the 🖖 continue with your creative energy travels zen 🥰😋yum💜🙏💚🕊️🕎🕯️🖤💚💛🎄🎁🦌🧑‍🎄

  5. A fantastic tour !! I love your exploratory work, but may I kindly and respectfully repeat a request that I made some time ago re one or several of your tours – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP SAY – "HWOW/WOW/HWOW " over and and over and over again -it spoils the commentary ???

  6. The last part of the video, was the original parts of the castle. I also noticed a lot of Art Nouveau details in the first dining room ( It was probably a breakfast room), and in a few of the bedrooms. Also Art Deco.
    The long cord hanging in the last bedroom you checked out, would be connected to a bell system, it was designed to call on the servants when they needed their service.
    The dayroom with what you thought was the four seasons in the ceiling showed not just the 4 seasons but also images from other countries. (Pyramids are usually connected to Egypt and South- Amerika, and more of them are being discovered all over the world.) Astonishing work of art!! <3
    I think I even saw a reference to the Freemasons in that ceiling.
    The picture from WWII was what I belive, a picture of Mussolini at the start of his facist regime.
    Old noble families often leaned towards facism at that time, due to their upbringing.
    Not all of them, but some.
    Some were forced to side with him, to not lose their properties and lives.

    It was fascinating to see, the castle is like a mausoleum or a time capsule of days gone by.
    I was surprised to see so little damage to it, especially to the furnitures.
    Mesmerizing <3

  7. Très beau, plafonds magnifiques mais tout est trop rococo pour mon goût. J'ai beaucoup aimé les caves les plus basses, elles sont vraiment fantastiques et plus tard il ne restera de cette demeure que les caves qui ont l'air très solides

  8. This is Soo Sickening to think the kids are wealthy enough that they don't even pay a caretaker or retrieve any of these treasures!!
    It most definitely needs to be turned into some sort of historical museum!! Puhhleeaasse, Close a window or all of them next time you visit these grand places!!! Whyyyy do you leave them open???

  9. dit is de mooiste video ooit die jij gefilmd hebt wel een vraagje als ergens een raam open staat en het is mogelijk dit dicht te doen zou je dat dan beter niet sluiten om toch de ruimtes meer te beschermen tegen verval en weersinvloeden ik wens jullie een fijn eindejaar en nog veel mooie plekken om te verkennen grts

  10. Amazing how solid it remains for the age of this place. Enjoyed your exploring this wonderful place. Love the way you present the shows and add a personal touch to them . Appreciate what you do and that we can also explore these amazing places.

  11. Oh my!! This would be so amazing to have tours and have proceeds go to repairs. This is far too spectacular to be allowed to fall apart.. to allow people to walk through its history is only proper!

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