7 Things You Didn't Know About Drew Scott

7 Things You Didn't Know About Drew Scott

Thanks to the runaway success of their HGTV home renovation show Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott have become household names. Even if you don’t care much about real estate or renovating homes, it’s hard to resist the twin brothers’ chemistry and humor.

But how much do you know about them when they’re not working together on the show? For example, Drew Scott may like to goof around, but when he is business, he is all business. This has even earned him a nickname from his brothers (yes, there’s another Scott sibling). Let’s take a look at some things you might not know about Drew Scott.

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He’s a romantic | 0:00
He has a “no BS policy” | 0:51
His nickname is “The Robot” | 1:15
He stars on 5 HGTV shows | 1:49
He lives in Sin City | 2:17
He plays himself on television | 2:44
He’s one of the Sexiest Men Alive | 3:09

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  1. What is it about Americans and this fetish for Asians… Ewww. I don't see that marriage lasting very long. His identical brotherJonathan was taken to the bank by his x wife. I can see the same happening to Drew.

  2. Linda Finn…. get the heck out of here. Chang Lieu fits her better…. Have you seen the Asian family…. Please. His brother married a gold digger and she took him for his bank account… OOOOOHHHH!!!!!

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