7 Ridiculous Funny Things In The Phantom Pain

7 Ridiculous Funny Things In The Phantom Pain

We know that Metal Gear Solid is an awesome sandbox and a heavily dramatic story buried in lore. But it’s also a game where you can do a lot of ridiculous things. Welcome to the SKILLED channel and today we’re looking at 7 ridiculously silly things to do in The Phantom Pain.

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7 Ridiculous Funny Things To Do In The Phantom Pain

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43 thoughts on “7 Ridiculous Funny Things In The Phantom Pain”

  1. forgot to mention that the "defecate" command actually works like a portable jeep EMP…. thing… just leave some over the path of your intended target and watch them spin around like they just slipped on ice.

    it does only work for jeeps though. anything bigger and it doesnt work. but still amusing

  2. And the comments are filled full of people creaming over getting a console box, which they own in real life and having in game on their characters head. This is why you were charged for ground zero demo do you even know how dumb you all sound

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