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5 Techniques to Make Her Have Sex With You – Make it Tonight!

 Hooking up with a girl and successfully getting her bed in just one night sounds like a total all time treat to you right? And you’re probably thinking that it’s too overwhelming to happen, right? And that it’s possibly just going to happen in your dreams, right? Wrong! Attracting and seducing women sure is going to be one hell of a possibility in any given night and believe me, it sounds easier than it seems. You just need a little motivation, a slight tweak to get the right attitude and possibly a little enlightenment to make you have a good mindset on this one. Below are the five techniques to make her have sex with you — and make it happen tonight!

  • Stay with her. This is probably the time when you need to get you patience on gear for now — you have to build a certain amount of comfort and trust with a girl if you need her to go to bed with you later, You see, women easily get emotionally and mentally connected with someone they spend so much time with. So stay with her and focus on her — she will come around believe me.
  • Keep flirting. Don’t get out of track — keep flirting and keep making her feel that you want her. She may be sending you flirting signals right back! Women are very prone to body language that’s why you need to concentrate on this more than merely listening to her talk.
  • Get close and personal. Ask her a few personal questions and share something personal about yourself too. You can also get close literally too. Lessen the distance and touch her. If you want to take it that far, hold her hand, wrap an arm around her or attempt to kiss her — if she doesn’t budge, then that’s good.
  • Be a little naughty. Sexual connotations? Anyone? Why not. It’s all going to be worth it anyway. You can say something like it would be nice to hangout with her on your place or you’re totally curious about what her apartment looks like. Be sure you’re not drink binging though. She might hurl you out of the bar herself.
  • It’s all about the mood. Keep things light and smooth. It’s even better if you stay cool and relaxed during the entire duration of your flirting. By this time, you will be more confident to start making out with her soon — and she will marvel on what an alpha male you are. Make it happen tonight!

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