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3 Totally Stupid Things Men Say to Women – Dude, Don’t Be a Moron

You won’t believe how men blow their chances with women by saying certain things. You gotta be a total idiot to say these things, because you can well kiss your chances with the girl goodbye.

Memorize this list below, and avoid the mistake of saying the wrong things and driving the girl away. At the end of the article, I will also give you a deadly effective technique to talk the girl to want to have sex with you.

Stupid Thing To Say Number One: “Shut your piehole, you talk too much!” Women like to yak all night, so let them be. As long as they don’t talk about their ex-boyfriends. In fact, if a woman likes talking to you, she would probably want to sleep with you. Don’t be stupid and ruin your chances of getting laid now.

Stupid Thing To Say Number Two: “You look fat, you slob!” If there’s a surefire way to get rejected, then this is it, bar none. Women want to appear attractive, especially to other women – so let them live in the fantasy world that they look better than other women. Even if she is fat, refrain from commenting please. But hey, what are you doing dating a fatty anyway?

Stupid Thing To Say Number Three: “Dude let’s make out!” Even if she is willing to get it on with you, don’t ruin the moment by declaring it outright. Have more tact, dude. When you’re already getting hot and heavy with her, let your action do the talking.

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