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3 Secret Things to Do That Will Make Your Girlfriend Adore Giving You Head

Hey man.

Back in the day, I used to have hundreds of girlfriends giving me head, and I still do. I noticed that some of my friends had much worse sex lives than I did, and when I asked them, “So, did she blow you?” the answer was often, “Nope… she said she doesn’t like giving head.” I knew it wasn’t true. I never had a problem with getting my girlfriend giving me an oral sex, or even just a fling, for some reason, women were drawn to getting down on their knees for me. They loved going down on me. They did it passionately, with pure love and joy. Some women gave me head and had this scared, almost terrified look on their face – they were scared that they’ll mess everything up and that I’ll end up dumping them, which I sometimes did. I didn’t have much patience.

Anyway, after some time I came to realize that I know something that other men don’t. I know WHY women give head and what makes them get down on their knees without having to ASK them, let alone BEG them for it and look like an idiot. The fact is that… if you have to ASK for an oral sex, you are DEFINITELY on the wrong track with convincing this girl to go down on you. If you are having problems convincing your current girlfriend to give you head, here are 3 things you need to do, in the following order. This may sound crazy to you, but, hey – whatever works!

1. Figure her out
The first thing you need to do if you want to get your girlfriend to give you head is to UNDERSTAND her. First, understand WHY she isn’t giving you an oral sex RIGHT NOW? Is it because your penis is FULL of hair, you never shave it and it smells bad? If not, maybe it’s because the last time she gave you head, you RAMMED it down her throat like a lunatic and made her gag like insane? OR, she doesn’t see why would she give you head if You never went down on HER? Maybe you are behaving like THE WOMAN in your relationship, instead of being THE MAN, so SHE is bossing You around, telling you what to do, how to do it, why to do it – while you are running around following her like a little homeless dog? Or maybe all this isn’t the case. Whatever it is – figure it out. You’ll never get your girlfriend to ENJOY giving you head if she doesn’t RESPECT You as a person and if she doesn’t view you as someone valuable to her.

2. Being ABOVE
Oral sex is about SUBMISSION. She submits to You. She goes down, please you orally and takes your semen with pride ( or not, yet ). Whatever it is, she is in a position where she submits to you, in these moments, you are her God. She needs to FEEL comfortable in this position and she needs to be OK with submitting herself sexually to you. Letting go, and letting you “take her” in bed. The only way this can happens is if you are psychologically ABOVE her in your relationship. Basically, if you’re “the boss” of your relationship, she’ll be comfortable with submitting herself to You and giving you head. How do you that? Get her to respect you. And learn how to say “no.” You have to be ready to lose her. Basically, she needs to love you more than you love her. If You love her more than she loves you, she’ll have the power in the relationship. The emotional power over you.

3. Figure yourself out
The third thing you need to do to get her to give you head more often is to figure out WHO You are and what do you WANT in life. When you are lost in space, you have no power, thus, you won’t be attractive to her. Do whatever you can to feel more self confident. For some guys, that’s having more money, freedom, a higher social status… but all that isn’t as important as your ATTITUDE and your way of thinking. If you stop caring what other people think of you, you’ll be more attractive, and appear more carefree. When you are carefree, it communicates POWER and CONFIDENCE. This makes you more attractive and desirable for other women as well. As soon as your girlfriend feels this energy in you, she will be AUTOMATICALLY DRAWN to giving you head like never before!

Source by Jack C Hutson

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