2b devil girl aamlo

2b devil girl aamlo

Hey Marc, this one has the album audio and concept for music video. Was thinking simple green screen to keep the backdrops and accentuate the campy vibe. Shown here with only a sketch of intended choreography – the performers learned it in 4 rehearsals in the run-up to the album launch at AAMLO, where this footage is from. Chani Bockwinkel shot the launch from this angle for the first two numbers, and then switched to the side on the right for the rest of the show, which is why it gets a little bumpy at the end – she was trying to get set up for the next shot before the applause ended.

[I would have kept the live audio in, but this audience member right by the camera took a phone call during the song for about 45 seconds. funny as i think it is, the call does distract from the lyrics, which I have heard people enjoyed. 🙂 ]

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