2023 Unity Rear Lounge

2023 Unity Rear Lounge

Explore the 2023 Unity Rear Lounge featuring two living spaces, seating for up to four, sleeping for up to four, a hidden 57″ x 75″ Murphy Bed, and touchscreen controls, and near floor-to-ceiling windows. https://leisurevans.com/build/unity/

🛍 Shop LTV Gear: https://shop.leisurevans.com

Unity RL features: https://leisurevans.com/unity/features/rear-lounge
Explore the Unity: https://leisurevans.com/unity/
Features: https://leisurevans.com/unity/features/
Floorplan: https://leisurevans.com/unity/floorplans/
Photos: https://leisurevans.com/unity/photos/
Virtual Tour: https://leisurevans.com/unity/virtual-tours/
Design: https://leisurevans.com/unity/design/
Specifications: https://leisurevans.com/unity/specifications/
Owners: Resources: https://leisurevans.com/owners/

📅 Upcoming dealer shows: https://leisurevans.com/events/category/dealer-shows/
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29 thoughts on “2023 Unity Rear Lounge”

  1. Leisure Travel Vans,
    This is the one we want for our adventures for our channel! Planning for the near future!😊
    How long is the waiting list?

    Kim and Sean (& Kailani 👅🐾) a.k.a. Postcard Paradise

  2. They really are at the top of the industry for this class. But it’s a little disappointing to see after so many years that they are not showing their vans with induction stoves and compressor fridges (is this even an option). Lithium battery capacity also seems quite small but ultimately I suppose their target audience is not asking this?

  3. Nice layout, and some good updates on this 2023 model, but I consider this a couples only RV. I appreciate how much you tried to 'Sell' the extra bed option at the front, but it looks like a real janky solution, and you didn't look one bit comfortable on it. Nice try though 😉

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