2023 Toyota Prius: Specs & Walkaround | Toyota

2023 Toyota Prius: Specs & Walkaround | Toyota

Prius first brought hybrid vehicles to mainstream America in 2000, a pioneer in electrified powertrains. More than 20 years later, the 2023 Toyota Prius has been reborn with a distinctive design and improved performance. Watch more new Toyota videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snlICxS0t3o&list=PLsOvRYzJPCwVPnQZg9qWBpGP8oHLM1aT_&index=1

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This Toyota video provides a walkaround look at the 2023 Prius features.

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48 thoughts on “2023 Toyota Prius: Specs & Walkaround | Toyota”

  1. Looks brilliant, might be the smartest looking car about to hit the market, not bad since the previous Prius was probably the most hideous vehicle ever to set wheel on the earth. I wonder how the plug-in version compares to my Chevy Volt which already gets me 40-50 miles EV now, if it's got over 100 miles EV range I would potentially be interested.

  2. I wish I purchase this new Toyota Prius 2023. Right now I am unaffordable and poor to buy anything except food and pay bills. 😢 Fortunately, I still have my old die-hard Toyota Prius 2005, and it is still running oldies good. 😊

  3. At 3:26 the fine print states that the 0-60 times require the use of the "required premium unleaded gasoline". What was Toyota thinking? Just made the Prius less economical. Wow. I was considering this but not now. Great looking design. Boneheaded decision to make you use more expensive gasoline. Especially in with the current cost of gasoline. It does say if you run standard gas the performance will be less. By how much? How does that impact mileage? Can you run standard exclusively with no damage to the engine? Very disappointed.

  4. Our 2006 honda element has a tom of mechanical issues in the past 2 years. We have never bought a new car before so we dont know the procedure and how long it will take to get the prius.

  5. Looks fantastic! As a former Gen3 liftback owner…and current Gen3 Prius V wagon and Prius C owner, the Gen5 is now on my shortlist ( the Gen4 wasn't ).

    One thing though…I hope Toyota fixed the head gasket issue – Gen3's are notorious for blowing head gaskets!

  6. I'm not sure about that BZ4X display transplant 5:05 , there's no comfortable way to view it, I get that they're trying to lift the guages to keep your eyes more level with the road, maybe HUDs are still too expensive. but you end up adjusting your steering wheel too low or trying to raise your seating position to view the display, either way you're ruining your driving position to suit it.

  7. love the design, the gen 2 was such a tank-made hybrid built to last and was way ahead of it's time, this gen looks promising. Kind of reminds me of a gen 2 shape for some reason just much more beautiful looking. The fenders, front/rear end, and steering wheel reminds looks really similarly shaped.

  8. Since many years, Prius become best popular use (second hand/used car) in Cambodia.
    Company should consider and make well corporate to bring the new version to this country, in Asian.
    Thanks you Toyota

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