2012.181 (Lily Doing a Bit of Light Reading)

2012.181 (Lily Doing a Bit of Light Reading)

I just ordered this book about Nik Software’s HDR Efex Pro called After the Shoot by Stan Sholik and as always Lily had to check it out, it’s a book (she loves her books). She was checking out the pictures, that’s another thing she loves to do: look at pictures. The reason I posted this one is for my friend Julie Urban (Urban.Photography) who asked me about this software. I’m a novice to HDR photography and I’m blindly going about using it until now. I’ve only had a chance to glance thru it but I feel like this will definitely help my HDR photos out in the future. Ever since I bought HDR Efex Pro I’ve been wondering whether I should have gotten Photomatix instead. We shall see.

Check this book out Julie, it may help your hdr shots along. I ordered it from Amazon for $16.

On a side note: This photo was taken after spending a perfect evening w/ my daughter Lily. Her Mom had a girls’ night out w/ the girls of the family and I got to spend the night with Lily. We started off by going out to dinner at a local Italian restaurant. She wanted wedding soup (she loves it) which kinda amazes me because I would have never touched the stuff when I was her age. We sat at a little table and I sat next to her and she ate her whole bowl of soup and then the waitress asked if she could have a chocalte chip cookie since she was so well behaved. My Lily is the sweetest little girl. She is very social and says hello to everyone while we’re out. She says please and thank you all the time and people just love it. She’s curious about everything too. So after her chocolate chip cookie I asked her if she wanted to go to Target. just to walk around. I wanted to go because I wanted to buy her a toy of her choice for being such a good little lady and I wanted to take advantage of her good mood. So we went and walked around Target for a while and she wanted a soccer ball and a big pink bouncy ball. (And some ice cream too). We came home after and I gave her a bath and I took some pictures and read her 2 books before I put her to bed. It was an awesome night. The best part about it is that her Mom has class all day tomorrow and I get to spend the day with her. I love my baby girl!

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