– Sex Workers Supporting Healthcare Heroes in a World in Crisis

I’m Cali Reign. I’m a sex worker. And like you, I’m in quarantine.

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic it’s a tough time to be a sex worker right now. A lot of people are worried about what their future holds. But as with most things no matter how bad your situation is, some people have it worse.

Right now one of the groups of people in worse shape are our healthcare workers around the world.
Out there on the frontlines of this pandemic. Putting their own lives at risk. Understaffed. Under equipped. And still working tirelessly to protect you and me. They are literally the last line of defense between life and death for tens of thousands of humans around the world. None of us can really thank them enough for what they are doing on our behalf.

And while I may be scared of this pandemic…I AM NOT POWERLESS.

During World War 2 there was a phenomenon of Victory Girls. Primarily, they were young women, not permitted to be on the front lines, who instead felt called to provide companionship, comfort and needed distraction for those who were out there fighting. This took many forms. Maybe intimately. Maybe providing a flirty little pin-up picture for their locker. Maybe just being a friendly voice to talk to outside of the stress of a global war. And while social distancing and shelter in place orders make a lot of the old victory girl antics a poor choice in our current situation, I believe a modern take on the Victory Girl effort makes a hell of a lot of sense right now.

So let the movement start with me.

Hello, Healthcare Heroes. I’m Cali Reign.

Victory Girl #1.

I’m a quarantined sex worker, who wants to do my part to support those fighting on the frontlines of this pandemic. If you are a healthcare worker in need of break from the relentless struggle your days have become, I AM HERE FOR YOU!

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