Tiger Escort at the University of Memphis

Tiger Escort, also known as Tiger Patrol, is a service offered at the University of Memphis that allows students to call a hotline and request another student to come pick you up in a golf cart and take you anywhere on campus. It helps the University ensure that students are kept safe and get home safely, either to their dorm or to their car. Usually only guys are allowed to work at Tiger Escort but they have hired their first girl. The Tiger Patrol has 6-8 employees during the semester. Students can use Tiger Patrol any time after dark until midnight. Tiger Escort is only used if you feel unsafe to walk to your car or dorm at night. Like in the video some people will use it if they are lazy but it is really meant for girls who feel they should not be walking alone at night. I think in a lot of ways Tiger Patrol prevents sexual assault and violence on campus and it makes our campus safer and makes people feel more secure about being on campus alone at night. It is a great resource for all students and students can call Tiger Patrol at 901-678-HOME (4663).

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