Montréal Hearts Episode 3: Girls on the Take

Episode 3 of Montreal Hearts. Girls on the Take. Three of the girls (Cora, Jade and Belle) go through the business of taking and making escort calls. Cora is awakened from bed, showers and dresses while Jade is sitting outside when she gets a call. Belle speaks with her daughter Allie and takes the initiative to make a call herself. She proceeds to Shaika cafe where she awaits her Jean-Guy (John). All three women have very different experiences of turning tricks. Musical Guest My Favorite Robot.

Alexandra Valassis
Christina Sciortino
Victoria Kelly
Jason Elsliger
Andrew Leeke

Cinematography Elias Varoutsos
Ad/Gaffer Andrew Leeke
2nd Camera Chris Alsop
Assistant Rob Corti

Written by Adam Kelly
Directed/Edited by Shaun Malley

Likes: 10



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