Ideal First Date With an American Girl

The first date with an American girl can be a fairy tale or it can be a disaster. It depends on your mood, your dress, her mood and so many other factors. If you want to make the initial date with an American girl an ideal one, you could try out some of these suggestions.

The first date can be terrifying for most of them. To date American girls, it pays to be prepared for the big day. Dating does not come naturally to all of us. We tend to become nervous and jittery, just like appearing for an examination without proper preparation. Though you make elaborate preparations, you should appear natural and easy on the date. Try to sound spontaneous in your comments, though they have been carefully rehearsed. You can practice relating anecdotes and funny stories about your family, friends and life. This will ease the atmosphere between the two of you and will help fill the awkward silences. Have all the lines ready, so that you give the appearance of a confident and assured person.

Another suggestion to consider for dating an American girl is that you can try to avoid dinner. Think of other options, as it is a waste of time to spend half the time eating, when you could be enjoying doing some fun-filled activities and interacting more with each other. You can take a walk around a park or go together for a test-drive in a car. This will create a better bond between the two partners on the first date. Also try to make the other person feel more at ease and comfortable, so that the person is able to trust you.

Try not to look or sound anxious and don’t talk too much or too fast. There is no need to fill every silence and you could have moments when you don’t say anything to each other, but are still bonding. Try to keep the duration of the first date a little short, as you don’t know much about your partner and may not be able to spend a long time with each other. This will also create a sense of anticipation for the next meeting. If not, it might just lead to boredom. After the first dating with an American girl, you can call her up immediately and tell her that it was a fantastic date and you had a great time. There is no need to wait for a few days to say this to your partner.

Source by TP Vinod Kumar

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